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Last Thursday night another of America's finest was gunned down on the Mexican-American border just outside the rugged border town of Campo, Calif.

U.S. Border agent Robert Rosas was found mortally wounded with shots to his head and body. He was murdered while doing his job to keep America safe from the relentless illegal alien invasion and drug traffic flowing from our wonderful neighbors to the south.

There will be days, weeks and months of speculation and finger pointing. The actions of agent Rosas and his fellow officers will be questioned and scrutinized. It would not surprise me if some wacko on the Left tries to blame his death on xenophobia instead of the gunmen.

But an agent is dead, and his blood is on the hands of Johnny Sutton, the federal prosecutor who prosecuted and imprisoned agents Ramos and Compean for doing their jobs. His blood is also on the hands of every other politician and leader who constantly questions the actions of law enforcement.

Ken Dreger, director of the Homeland Security Policy Institute Group, sponsor of the Border Patrol Auxiliary, had this to say to the media, "This is a tragedy, and our hearts go out to the agent's family and co-workers. It is a dangerous job made more so by shortages in manpower and a relatively open border despite reports to the contrary. The duty of our elected officials is on the line here. Our local, state and federal governments need to step in and secure the borders of this country now. It is a shame on every elected official that they actually let this go so far. Our Border Patrol agents are some of Americas finest and hardest working agents in law enforcement, and for this they get treated like second-rate citizens with little if any support from 95 percent of the politicians. Politicians have taken a sworn oath to protect and serve this country, it is time that they made good on that oath."

When will our leaders get it through their thick heads that every time we undermine our men and women on the front lines of law enforcement we jeopardize their lives and the lives of all law abiding citizens? Did Sutton and his group of hooligans consider the signal they would send to the coyotes and drug traffickers when they hammered two men who were protecting our border instead of prosecuting the violent criminal?

Now we have seen the brutal result firsthand.

The timing of this tragic event coincides with our own president belittling law enforcement. During a press conference he first stated he did not have the facts in the Gates incident but then accused the Cambridge police of "acting stupidly." Does Mr. Obama not see the potential danger when the president of the United States assumes our officers are stupid? Or does he perhaps have a latent hatred for law enforcement birthed from his mentor Rev. Wright? Either way, it is frighteningly reckless.

There is a growing trend in this nation to question authority. Some chose to ignore it completely. If things go bad as a result, they just blame the cops. Have we lost our minds?

When I was a kid, if a police officer questioned someone, he or she politely cooperated until the officer was finished doing his or her job. Today people accost officers, spit in their faces and in some cases attempt to take their lives without a second thought. If they decide not to kill them for disrupting their lives, they hire an attorney
to sue them.

What happened to just being grateful to law enforcement for making the huge sacrifices necessary to keep the country and its citizens safe? Have we forgotten what these people give up on a daily basis?

Mark my words: If we continue to encourage this lack of respect for law enforcement officers it is only a matter of time before more officers lose their lives and our streets are taken over by thugs who have a an ACLU attorney ready to file suit for harassment.

What signal does it send to our young people when the president assumes the worst of law enforcement? More importantly what signal does it send to criminals?

There are a few bad apples in every profession, but when it comes to police officers the percentage is rather low. It is time we start assuming our officers are innocent and doing their jobs
properly first, and then investigate the claims against them second. We afford criminals that right. We owe at least that to the men and women who stand between civil society and chaos.

President Obama owes the Cambridge police a full and unmeasured apology for what he said Wednesday night. This nonsense that he should have "calibrated " his words more carefully or that he didn't want to "give an impression" has to stop. He was wrong, and he should say he was wrong.

Mr. Obama has now had more news conference in six months than President Bush had in eight years. And in every one he has repeated one phrase very forcefully, "let me be perfectly clear." Well Mr. Obama, let me be perfectly clear: If you are truly sorry for undermining and thinking the worst of the Cambridge officers then it is simple. Use two simple words: I'm sorry,.

Anything else is just words.

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