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Barack Obama, assisted by a rubber-stamp Congress, is now in the process of changing the great United States of America forever. Given the lemmings in Congress live to fulfill his dictates, why not dismiss them and save the money appropriated for their budget? They are no longer needed.

The new order of business is simple and quick. Obama demands – the Democrats provide. There is no longer intelligent debate. Hearings have become canned partisan speeches peppered with the appropriate use of the word "inherited." The days when tough questions like, "How are we going to pay for all this?" are long gone. Why waste the time or money?

America has, for all intents and purposes, a dictatorship. And when the professional joker Al Franken is seated as the junior senator from Minnesota, the dictatorial powers of this White House will be complete. To hope the blue dog Democrats will keep this power-hungry, arrogant narcissist in check is foolish.

This presidency is no longer about the will of the people. It is clearly the will of Obama. He has made it crystal clear that nothing and nobody is going to stop him. His concepts of spreading the wealth and putting chickens in every pot are right out the Marxist handbook. And given the media nor his own party will challenge any demand Obama makes, he will usher in an age of Marxism that will be the envy of Chavez and Mugabe.

Speaking of Robert Mugabe, he and our fearless leader have a lot in common.

Most have forgotten Zimbabwe, now cracking under the stress of 17,000 percent inflation, was once a great nation. Rhodesia, as it was known in days past, was rich with natural resources. Rhodesian agricultural fields were abundant with corn, soy and tobacco. It was by all accounts a nation prospering in many ways. Its future appeared very promising.

Then came Mugabe – a man who believed in spreading the wealth, taking land away from productive farmers and giving it to Zimbabweans. Soon fields were yielding less than half of the normal crops in just a few short years. However, Mugabe's belief in Marxism was not deterred.

His goal was simple: He wished to rule with a one-party Marxist system of power. He proceeded to print trillions of dollars. He took over private businesses and transformed them into state-run nightmares. Never being challenged, he soon captured the scorn of the world. He even earned this statement from the "group of 8" (G-8): "We do not accept the legitimacy of a government that does not reflect the will of the Zimbabwean people."

Curious! They did not accept the legitimacy of a government that does not reflect the will of the people? A government that printed trillions and took over private business? A government accountable to no one? Sound familiar? I wonder how long it will be before the G-8 releases a similar statement about America.

World history is full of social and economic experiments identical to those being developed in the test tubes of Mr. Obama's administration. Each has failed. Asked to name one country that succeeded in the direction of national health care Obama is proposing, Press Secretary Robert Gibbs was left silent.


There is not a successful example of a single payer system in the world. Even though Obama claims there are "several."

So Americans are left to fend for themselves until November of 2010. Mid-term elections cannot come soon enough if we are to save our nation from the Marxist, bureaucratic monster Mr. Obama envisions.

Mid-terms are always a referendum on the first two years of any presidency. The year 2010 will be no different, and if we love our country we will vote. We should have 100 percent turnout. There is not one person who should sit at home and wait for things to change. There has been too much change in the wrong direction already, and it is not too late to stop the deterioration.

Or we can sit back and do nothing like they did in Zimbabwe and watch the government ruin a perfectly good country. A loaf of bread in Zimbabwe yesterday was 35 million Zimbabwean dollars. Oil and food shortages are rampant. Worst of all, the people have lost any ability to save their nation short of a revolution. Revolutions in third-world nations are not a pretty sight.

The level of arrogance in the Democratic Party is nauseating: Obama answers to no one, Barbara Boxer demands a general address her as "senator" and Democratic spokesmen state they will do as they please and damn the Republicans. Poor Rep. Cooper wants to talk to Republicans about health care in the spirit of bipartisanship and is forbidden by the Democratic Party. When will enough be enough?

Unless the media and the sane minds in the Democratic Party start speaking up, we will remain a dictatorship. Mr. Obama has done more to ignore and destroy the Constitution in the first five months of his administration than the last 10 presidents combined. Separation of powers is a thing of the past. Can 306 million citizens sit back and allow this to occur? I sure hope not.

Hopefully November 2010 will be the start of a new day in America. A day when the Constitution and free markets are restored. When personal responsibility and hard work are rewarded, not punished. When people who truly love this country are voted in to lead us forward.

November 2010 come quickly!

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