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Why is everyone so shocked that the speaker of the House would accuse the CIA of lying to Congress? That is the record of the liberal Left in America. They love to attack anything remotely connected to protecting our nation.

Jack Murtha accused our brave soldiers of murder before the old blowhard had a clue about what actually happened. Leftists exploit any issue that will land them in the press. Camera time to a Democrat is like blood to a vampire – regardless of how foolish or dishonest he or she look after the facts come to the surface.

The Left loves to claim everyone lies. Everyone but leftists, that is. "Bush lied, people died" was a favorite saying of the Left. They also claimed Cheney lied about weapons of mass destruction to get us into a war. Their crowning moment of duplicity came when one of America's great generals, David Petraeus was dubbed "General Betray Us" in a full page ad in the Left's publication of choice, The New York Times.

There are many examples that can be listed on how the Left attacks the strengths of our nation, but I won't bore you with repetition. Suffice to say when Democrats are in trouble, they blame everyone other than themselves. This is what the Left does. They have never made a mistake, but expect everyone else to be held accountable.

Nancy Pelosi is a disgrace to our nation. After the buzz about her statements reached a fever pitch, she took a stand and said she would no longer talk about accusing the men and women of the CIA of lying and misleading Congress. At taxpayer expense, she maneuvered her way out of the media headlights.

When the going got too tough for Nancy in America, the speaker went to China. Now she hangs out in Beijing and never mentions a word about the human rights abuses she screamed about in years past. She is too busy kissing the "fortune cookies" of her new found friends.

Her silence comes from knowing full well the Chinese government would not give her 30 seconds of attention if she started attacking China and it's leaders like she does the institutions and elected officials of her own country – many of which provide her the life she lives.

Anyone in the House who defends the speaker should be voted out of office in 2010. To enable her to continue her ridiculous and dangerous leadership is a breach of the peoples' trust. It is time for Rep. Steny Hoyer to step up and call for her resignation and lead the House in this critical time in our history.

We can ill afford a political whore like Pelosi to set the agenda and pace by which extremely critical legislation moves through the House. For this women to talk about each Americans having an "inventory" by which we are only allowed so much energy, food, work, etc., is straight out of the Red China playbook. Perhaps she is being trained in Beijing?

Does Pelosi truly believe China will stop burning coal if we do? Is she naïve enough to think that if we limit offshore drilling of our natural resources other countries will? Does she expect that other countries will not see the opportunity to capture market share if she runs the auto industry into the ground? Doesn't she realize if she increases taxes on people who work and gives that money to people who don't, one day we will have more people not working than working? She can't be this delusional, can she?

I believe Mr. Obama is a bright young man, even though I totally disagree with his policies. But for him to rubber stamp Pelosi cramming all this bad policy on America with no critical analysis is a surefire formula for disaster. We must have an honest debate in Congress, and as long as Pelosi is the speaker that will never occur.

It is time for the voices of sanity to increase in volume and demand that the speaker resign. If we as a country are going to change, the change that Mr. Obama promised to bring America, we must replace Pelosi. She is incompetent, dishonest and motivated by politics – not what is best for the country.

Short of a full apology from the speaker to the CIA and the agents in the field who risk life and limb daily to protect this nation and people like Pelosi, she must go. Barack Obama had no problem firing the CEO of General Motors
. Now it is the time for the president to fire the speaker of the House.

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