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Given the Left's obsession with eliminating Gitmo and the tremendous work our military performs in housing known and potential terrorists, Barack Obama has a real dilemma. If Gitmo closes, what should he do with the resident radicals who want to destroy our way of life?

I offer up a simple and practical way to make everyone happy.

Islamic terrorists live to please Allah and the highest form of pleasure their warped mind can conceive is to offer themselves in the service of killing infidels. Family and friends elevate suicide bombers to almost cult-like status in the Muslim world.

As a final reward for their holy warrior service 72 virgins await them in paradise. A final payment for sacrificing on Earth, an eternal harem. "Kill infidels, get virgins." Has quite a spiritual ring to it, don't you think? Especially if you have pentagrams and goat's blood gracing your home.

The Left in America believes Gitmo is making America less safe. Since the Left loves this country so much and apparently has no appreciation for the sacrifice our military has made on all of our behalf, it is time for the Left to offer service to the country. That is what truly patriotic Americans like are our fighting men and women do each day, don't they?

Here is the plan:

America should ask 10,000 to 12,000 liberals to volunteer in service to their country by offering to stand in groups of 40 to 50 and invite one of the Gitmo detainees to join them for a day in the desert. They can sit, talk and feel each other's pain. They can discuss how horrible America is and how mean a world it is that they all live in. Then maybe share a dinner of lemon chicken and rice pilaf.

But there's one catch.

Each of the 254 detainees will be outfitted with the wardrobe of choice on the Arab street. A custom fit suicide vest with the latest high-impact explosives designed to kill everything within 100 yards.

After a fun-filled day of spitting on America, our flag and our troops, the now understood terrorists will throw the switch and make their way to the virgins who await them. The liberals will give the ultimate sacrifice to their country and fellow Americans.

It is a win-win. Everybody gets what they want. Gitmo is closed, the Left has served its country, the terrorists get their virgins and the world is a safer place.

What do you think?

Equally absurd as what I've just suggested is the suggestion of closing Gitmo and releasing the prisoners into American society with a welfare check and the promise of a college education. Which is exactly what many of those on the loony Left in America are willing to do. Both make little sense, border on insanity and, as a result, people would die.

So Mr. Obama should stay with what we all know is working and will work in the future.

Our military has performed brilliantly in keeping us safe while providing a very reasonable environment for detainees who were captured in a war we cannot lose. The men and women serving at Gitmo have demonstrated beyond any doubt their ability to handle these very dangerous people until the war is over and the enemy surrenders. They do so in a way that should make us all proud. Even the liberals.

Mr. Obama appears willing to allow military tribunals to process each detainee and provide them a fair review of the role each played in this war. Military tribunals should determine if they should be sent home, detained indefinitely or executed. Yes, executed. If the Geneva Convention applies, as the Left constantly insists it does, terrorists caught in war can face execution. Geneva strictly prohibits terrorism.

All Americans want to be safe. We should be able to rest assured our leaders see our safety as their top priority. They must, however, ignore the radical Left and the ACLU lawyers who demonstrate contempt for the law, not enforcement. Their desire to provide cover for killers must be stopped if we are to survive as a nation.

Mr. Obama, much to his credit, appears to be listening to the leaders on the ground in this war. He has had time to review all the intelligence reports in his PDB, or presidential daily briefing. One can only hope now he knows the seriousness of the threat we face and will fulfill his oath to protect the country.

I prefer putting my safety in the hands of our military leaders and the men and women who serve under them given they are dealing with the terrorists on a daily basis. Mr. Obama must listen to the generals and not the polls. He must rely on the sacrifices of our soldiers and not the theories of lawyers. Most of what is wrong in America can be traced back to the lawyers, and enough is enough.

War is ugly, and people die. That is a fact we cannot avoid. To quote the famous Gen. George Patton, "No bastard ever won a war by dying for his country. He won it by making the other poor dumb bastard die for his country."

So what do you say Move On and Daily Kos? Either fight the fight to keep us safe by supporting the troops and the work they do to defend us or start recruiting. Anything less would be absurd.

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