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Former USSR President Mikhail Gorbachev suggests America suffers from a "winners' complex". I agree with the old loser. We do! And I am very proud of it. He lost, we won, and that was the way it was suppose to be. Winning is good – not bad – unless you are a socialist.

No one can beat America at anything – that is unless the socialist movement gets involved. Socialism seems to have a knack for losing. It appears to create defeat. Socialism looks forward to losing. Thus the socialists in America want our defeat in Iraq. They want defeat in hopes of winning political control of the nation so they can submit every inch of America to their socialist agenda. It ain't going to happen.

There are too many people in America that love to win. The world loves a winner. That is why the world loves America. You may think otherwise because a small group keeps repeating over and over that the world hates us. But just saying it doesn't make it so. There may be folks in the world that are jealous of us. They want what we have. They want freedom, entrepreneurship, capitalism and all the tools available to win in this world – tools socialism refuses to provide. For if it did, the people no longer need the socialists.

"The U.S. is always anxious to win. The fact that they suffer from this disorder, the winner complex, is the main reason why things are so complicated in the world," Gorbachev said. The sabbatical he took after losing the Cold War has done Gorby a world of good. Of course we are anxious to win! Isn't everyone? Winning isn't a disease. It's a cure. Winning creates a sense of strength and greatness. Peace through strength. Why should anyone be ashamed of winning? Just because the loser wants the winner to feel bad about winning?

The world is complicated as a result of America's success because success doesn't come easy. It is not free to obtain or maintain. It takes talent, education, hard work and sacrifice. Winning takes discipline, pain and an attitude of never giving up. It takes knowing what you are doing is worth all the blood, sweat and tears required. Winning is worth it, and we should never feel bad about ourselves for achieving it.

Socialism, on the other hand, tells us it is not our fault that we lost. It was our mother or father's fault or the neighborhood we grew up in. Or maybe the government didn't do enough to help us. Socialism will come up with every excuse in the book for losing because, without losers, socialism cannot exist.

That brings me to my favorite group of socialists in the world. No you won't find them in the FORMER Soviet Union. They live in Washington, D.C., – Chuck Schumer, Carl Levin, Jack Reed, Hillary Clinton, John Murtha, Chuck Hagel, Harry Reid, Russ Feingold, Dick Durbin, et al. They have made a career out of losing. They started with the Vietnam War, then went on to promote the loss of morals in America by not fighting social evils. They appeased Iran in 1979, decimated the military after the Cold War, refused to fight terrorism or even kill Osama bin Laden when the opportunity arose, and now they want us to lose in Iraq.

These same socialists have now aligned themselves with the far left of American politics. The same far left that suggest it would be a good thing to see the vice president die of a heart attack. They would cheer like al-Qaida watching the twin towers fall if Cheney or the president were to unexpectedly leave the earth. They hold Osama bin Laden in higher esteem than the president – the same far left that Hillary and Barak now cozy up to as if it were part of mainstream America.

America, by and large, is still made up of citizens who believe in winning – who are proud of the greatness America offers. When the world is in trouble, they call the greatness of America for help. When fascism, Nazism or communism tries to imprison a people, America responds. When a natural disaster kills thousands, America is there. When the oppressed cry for help, they cry to America, and we go into battle mode and win – for the hurting and for ourselves.

Gorby is right. We do have a winner complex, and we will maintain it if the socialists among us are sent to where they belong – the dustbin of history. Socialism has failed everywhere it has been tried. I can only hope and pray our desire to win will overcome the socialists desire to lose. We can rid the world of terrorists who blow up innocent civilians. It won't be done by trying to please terrorists or making them our friends. Terrorists have no right to kill, therefore they must stop or be eliminated. Yes, even if that requires capturing or killing ALL of them.

In the end, there will be a winner. Winning isn't bad. It is good when your cause is just – just as it was in the case of the fight for America's beginning, the fight to end slavery, the fights to end Nazism and communism. If seeing the enemy we have fought for the last six years is not enough to convince us that defeating them is critical to the world, then we are like Gorby, a loser. And then I suspect it is only a matter of time before we start acting like the "winners' complex" is a bad thing. Just like all losers do.

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