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Is it just me or is someone putting crack in the water? That is the only explanation I have for a world that appears to have gone mad. It is as if we are on a bad trip. A few examples of the epidemic:

The U.N. holds a summit addressing worldwide racism, and the keynote speaker is Ahmadinejad? This is the same guy who denies the existence of homosexuals in Iran and wants to wipe from the Earth an entire nation based on their religion? And yet in the same summit the U.N. ignores Rwanda, Darfur or other areas where racism has resulted in the murders of millions.

A president who recruits a CNN correspondent, Sanjay Gupta, to the office of surgeon general while appointing Janet Napolitano as director of Homeland Security. One can only hope Dr. Gupta doesn't make a fool out of himself in his first few months as Ms. Napolitano has. Our health and security in their hands? This Batman and Robin team should make us all sleep better at night.

How about a president comfortable with not prosecuting enemy combatants and suspected terrorist detainees? He's possibly allowing their release after closing Gitmo, and yet he's wavering back and forth on whether to prosecute lawyers from the Bush administration for "torture" memos. Is this the change America really wants?

Do we really want an administration willing to consider prosecution of prior administrations for political purposes? Hugo Chavez and other banana republic leaders will be so impressed. Remember, Obama wants folks to like us. What better way than to be just like them? But isn't that a bit much?

If these liberal witch hunts occur, maybe we should have Lincoln prosecuted for suspending habeas corpus during a time of war. Or how about holding a war crimes trial in absentia for the internment of Japanese Americans during World War II by FDR? Both actions should qualify under the new "changes" of a liberal, democratically controlled Washington. How about Sandy Berger stealing classified documents? We will never know what those documents revealed about what Clinton knew and when he knew it.

Does anyone in America really agree with Obama, Nancy Pelosi and Sheila Jackson Lee that America lost the moral high ground by employing enhanced interrogation tactics to protect the nation after 9/11? Would they maintain this same moral thought if their children were being held and those tactics would provide the path to safety for their loved ones? Would they allow their family members to lose their heads, literally? If they would, they are not the people we want protecting our families. These people's hindsight is 20/20, and it makes me sick.

I can see it now. Another city is attacked, and thousands die. The nation is to take solace in the fact that the three amigos did not "torture"? We are supposed to accept that maintaining the moral high ground was more important than maintaining life? How pro-choice. We are at war! This is not some petty crime we can adjudicate in the courts. Our way of life is under attack. Have we forgotten Sept. 11 so quickly?

Each day the level of insanity created by "open-minded" liberals is becoming unbearable for anyone with a modicum of intelligence.

Have we arrived at the point in America where being pro-life, pro-family, pro-small government and pro-military earns you the title "extremist" with the government? If so, we are in trouble.

I am reminded of the words of Barry Goldwater when he said, "Extremism in the defense of liberty is no vice. And moderation in the pursuit of justice is no virtue."

Most Americans are extreme about their liberty and understand it comes at a price a bit higher than a good speech. Americans want justice for the crimes committed against this nation by terrorists – swift, severe and not watered down by ACLU lawyers and leftist websites.

I am not against change. I just don't want the type of change we are getting from the current administration. I am all for fixing the many problems we face in the world, especially the problems right here at home. But the effective way to solve the issues will require big government to step aside.

I have been a big proponent of energy independence. So why not allow drilling in the ANWR and in the Outer Continental Shelf of California and Florida. How about opening the Great Basin for oil shale and tar sands production while building a dozen new nuclear plants? Why is the only viable answer more government programs like cap and trade, which only satisfy the greenie weenies? Why not allow free enterprise and the use of our domestic natural resources to lead us to independence?

I want better educations for all of our children. So why not break the stranglehold the unions have on education that allows bad teachers to keep their jobs or wack jobs like Ward Churchill to be tenured? Instead of more government programs let's do away with the waste of money and time we call the Department of Education and return the public schools to state and local control.

Is there anyone in America who doesn't want more affordable health care? Why not halt the thousands of ludicrous lawsuits filed by ambulance chasers armed with bad science like John Edwards that clog up our courts and have propelled medical malpractice insurance to unsustainable levels? Or the lawsuits that drive up the cost of medical procedures and drugs? How about not forcing doctors to run needless tests at huge costs just to protect themselves against unethical lawyers looking for settlement money?

Either there is something in the water or "We the people" are asleep at the wheel. We may have been in the past, but we are not anymore. April 15 proved that. And while the media, Obama, and his cronies want to write off the tea parties as nothing, the events were huge. CNN anchors and "reporters" made lurid comments and attempted to defend Obama, but the folks in the street mean business. People are angry. And rightfully so.

We the people know right from wrong. We have more common sense in our little fingers then all 535 members of Congress and the two in the White House put together. It is time to get engaged, stay engaged and hold people accountable. That's exactly what we will do come November 2010. And not even additional doses of government-sponsored crack will stop it.

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