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It is said that the best defense is a good offense when trying to protect one's self against something one has little control over. The "attack to prevent being attacked" strategy can work rather well in disarming an opponent who possesses an overwhelming advantage.

When David fought Goliath, he quickly learned that the element of surprise, wielded with the courage to attack, earned him a victory no other man in his day dare attempted. With one simple rock, propelled with brave belief, the giant fell to the Earth on his face.

In recent days the strategy I see playing out may well be the most brilliant witnessed in modern times.

Driving into my office Friday morning, I happened to tune into the Rush Limbaugh program – a luxury I am seldom afforded given the building I work in is not conducive to AM radio reception. In the first few moments of the broadcast, I heard Rush informing his audience that Obama was lying to the American people about the economy and openly talking down about America.

This isn't the first time we have heard about our new president dissing the country. He granted his first TV interview as president to the Al Arabiya network. During the interview, he soundly excoriated America for being too dictator-like. For Rush to point out the obvious was not a big deal. But Rush's tone was very much representative of a man on the offense.

And then it occurred to me.

Rush is using the age old art of the "best defense is a good offense" strategy. It is one being executed so flawlessly, Obama will never see it coming. It is one that will remove any ability for Obama to give Nancy Pelosi or Harry Reid the one thing they yearn for with anticipatory pleasure.

It's the Fairness Doctrine.

News reports indicating Rush was attacking Obama were distorted. Rush wants to see Obama's policies fail, not Obama. And while the liberal mainstream media would have you believe Rush desires Obama's demise, he merely wants to see socialism stopped before it goes any further.

But that soft, gentle approach changed on Friday. Rush's tone became significantly tougher. He used words like "lies," "lying," "distortions." And I see the reason behind the increase in the criticisms.

It will now be near impossible for Obama to enact the Fairness Doctrine without the decision being seen as a move to silence his critics – one that would restrict the most fundamental of all our freedoms granted by the Bill of Rights: the First Amendment.

How many Americans would sit idly by and watch Obama take away such a basic right as freedom of speech to silence his critics. He would be viewed as a completely power-drunk dictator who would silence anyone who dare challenge him, his administration or the decisions they are making. He would be a dictator who would stop the opposition at any cost, even if that cost were the First Amendment our founders purchased, and our soldiers maintain, with their blood.

I am encouraged to see the voice of Rush Limbaugh join the chorus of those who have been out front warning the nation about the potential harm a liberal socialist agenda will inflict upon the nation. His voice, known by millions, now cannot be stopped by a stroke of the pen.

We cannot spend our way back to prosperity on borrowed money. We must all tighten our belts, reduce our expenses and exercise patience as the economy recovers. Companies are cutting back. Citizens are cutting back, and so must the government. Government is not the answer to the problem. Americans equipped with the truth are the answer. We hold the solution. The government should have to lay off workers and make cuts just like everyone else.

Reducing taxes on American businesses would allow companies to hire more people and build more things. More people with good paying jobs would increase debt-free spending. Under Obama's agenda, we will lose even more jobs as top firms move operations overseas due to the ever-increasing tax burden just to run their business on U.S. soil.

Cutting personal payroll taxes on all individuals would put money back into the economy this Friday, not weeks, months or years from now. A worker with a $500 paycheck would have $500 to spend, not $380. Money would be spent tomorrow, and it would be earned money, not borrowed. People would not have to go into deeper debt to spend. Just allow them to spend what they earn.

Most people understand this, and so does Rush. But to attack the president and call him out will accomplish two critical goals: First, it may stop wasteful, worthless stimulus bill conjured up by the Witch Nancy and Warlock Harry. Second, it will make Obama think twice before he ever enacts a law that would stop his critics from expressing their opinions.

So I tip my hat to Limbaugh. Once again he has thrown down the trump card on the liberals who see bipartisanship as everyone agreeing with everything they say. He has beaten them at their own game. For eight years the left had relentlessly attacked George Bush. We will see if Obama can take eight weeks, no less, eight years. If he can't, his choices are few now that Rush made the first move.

Checkmate, Mr. President.

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