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Anyone with a sixth grade civics education understands the wisdom of the Founding Fathers in their design of three specific branches of government and the accountability each enforces.

Apparently President Obama skipped the sixth grade.

Within the first three days of taking office, Obama has signed five specific executive orders without any advice or the consent of the legislative or judicial branches – the same branches the founders believed were essential for effective and accountable government. This is an unprecedented number given past presidents like Kennedy, Carter and Clinton only signed one in the first few days of taking office and Presidents Reagan, Bush Sr. and Bush signed zero in the same time frame.

Maybe Obama has abandoned the whole concept of a constitutional republic and is embracing early on what many of us feared: a Socialist dictatorship with our supreme, beloved leader Caesar Obama. Castro's Cuba, Stalin's Russia, Mao's China may soon see the list include Obama's America unless some of the Republicans in Congress grow a set of ... well, nerves.

An executive order becomes law unless it is challenged by Congress or the courts. With a two-thirds majority of Congress an order, referred to as a decree in other countries, can and has been overridden – especially if it deviates from the original, congressional intent of any law or statue it eliminates or adds.

One of the notable examples of an executive order being struck down was that of Harry Truman after World War II. In an attempt to settle labor disputes within the steel industry, Truman seized steel mills across the nation by executive order. The Supreme Court handed him a stern rebuke when it determined his order exceeded his presidential authority. The court found no statue or constitutional authority that allowed the seizure of a private business.

I know, I know. All you brainwashed Obamaniacs are saying we need to give him a chance. He was just sworn in, and we need to let him prove he can lead. I fully intended to give him a chance until I saw that his first moves as the president were purely political and jeopardized the safety of millions of Americans.

Make no mistake about it. Obama with his Harvard education and his Marxist, book-learned theory is going to attempt to prove he is a "new" type of leader – a more benevolent, kind and decent leader. Benevolence may quickly turn to malevolence when dealing with terrorists who couldn't care less about rule of law or the Geneva Convention.

If this is the style of leadership Obama is going to offer America, we need to "just say no" and say it rather quickly. Obama was not elected dictator; he was elected president – a president who works with Congress in developing general agreement before making such serious changes.

The level of unbridled trust put in Obama without any serious investigation into his abilities or talents is downright frightening. A brief review of Obama's cabinet selections should cause concern for his lack of discernment.

Hillary Clinton as secretary of state

We are to believe Hillary Clinton is the best choice for the head of foreign affairs given the conflicts of interest that exist with the countries and leaders who have given millions to her husband? Or was her role as the highest ranking member of the cabinet simply what was "negotiated" to appease the Clintons?

Timothy Geithner as Treasury secretary

Is a man who clearly cheated on his taxes the right guy to run the Treasury? If you or I had fudged our taxes, as in the case of Timothy Geithner, we would have gone to jail. But in Obamaworld such an act is a job-securing resume item.

Eric Holder as attorney general

Should a man who crafted pardons for FALN terrorists and an at-large fugitive like Marc Rich be the top cop of the nation? You and I both know the answer.

Leon Panetta as director of the CIA

How about the Clinton chief of staff who arranged for taxpayer-funded "trade trips"? The foreign businesses and nations who benefitted from these meetings coincidently made hefty contributions to the Clinton/Gore re-election campaign. Funny how when allegations were made, Panetta managed to withhold the documentation of the trips until just after the 1996 election. His stellar past of deceptive practices now qualifies him for the top post at the CIA.

These selections alone demonstrate Obama is ill equipped to lead the greatest nation on Earth, and it concerns me deeply. This may prove to be the most corrupt cabinet in the history of the presidency. Just imagine if George W. Bush had selected such characters.

The infomercial hucksters who masquerade as the mainstream media are going to have a lot of explaining to do when the package they sold America does not perform. When an infomercial product arrives, the anticipation and hope are great. But two weeks later when your abs aren't flattened or you haven't lost that 30 pounds of unwanted fecal matter trapped like spackle in your colon walls, you feel ripped off. By then the folks who made the pitch are in the Bahamas laughing while counting their cash. I have a sense a year or two from now most Americans will feel the same about Obama. And they will have the media to thank for selling them a fantasy.

America has made a choice – one I believe was a mistake. But the greater mistake will be to allow Obama and his accomplices in the press to take this nation down a road that drops off a cliff into larger government control of every area of our lives. He must be held accountable.

It is time to call upon our congressional leaders to do what is right and constitutional for the nation, not what some guy from Chicago with a messianic complex will do by a simple stroke of the pen.

Call me an alarmist, but if Obama's first week on the job is any indication of the next four years, we need to be involved now more than ever before. Writing letters, sending fax and e-mails, making phone calls and having all 300 million of our voices heard may be our only hope.

Sitting back and hoping in hope is no longer an option.

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