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Recent events in the Middle East have awakened the latent anti-Semitism still very much alive throughout the world today. The sad truth that Israel is fighting terrorists who hide behind innocent women and children is lost as a direct result.

Having traveled to Israel many times and staying in touch with many people there, I know Israel is not enjoying the need to take military action against Hamas. Israel has done everything to bring peace; including offering the land they fought, bled and died for. The response from Hamas was a constant shower of Katyusha and Qassam rockets aimed indiscriminately at civilians with a peppering of mortar fire in between.

I would be interested to see what the response would be from Egypt if Hamas were to have a malfunction in their compasses and the rockets were fired to the south. Would Egypt sit back and watch their citizens terrorized by daily rocket attacks aimed at any living being?

The battle raging in Israel and Gaza is a battle of two very different cultures. One embraces life, the other death. One works to protect family, the other is willing to sacrifice family to Allah to bring death to the other.

One abides by truth as stated in the Ten Commandments; the other embraces deception to defeat enemies under jihad as encouraged in the Quran. In other words, if a cease fire is agreed upon, don't count on the jihadists to even consider keeping their word. It would be against their religion.

Given how brainwashed many Palestinians have become, I'm frankly surprised they are not grateful for the attacks that have brought death to the streets of Gaza. Many Palestinian parents consider it an honor for their children to die in the name of jihad. The only reason for the anger is not the death of their children but the lack of dead Israeli children.

Golda Meir once said, "We will have peace with the Arabs when they love their children more than they hate us." Israelis love their children and thus are willing to defend them against the desire of Hamas to destroy them. Many Palestinians show their love by purchasing suicide vests complete with explosives for their youth. And when that child pulls the switch, regret only comes if zero Jews die in the process.

Even the leaders of Hamas hide amongst citizens or family to keep from being killed. How heroic! And if they are killed, as in the case of Nizar Rayyan, one of the senior military and political leaders of Hamas, innocent family members are killed in the process, fueling anger toward Israel. Would the world have been angry at the allies if they had killed Hitler and some of his family members died as a result – especially if Hitler was hiding behind them for protection?

I think not.

Where is the outrage toward the Palestinians for allowing their political, military and religious leaders to use their wives and children as human shields? Why isn't the world upset that a billion Muslims have not condemned the Islamic terrorists who have murdered millions of innocent people?

This is not just a problem in Gaza. It is worldwide.

What about the multiple wars being waged across the globe by radical Muslims? How about the thousands of Christians that Muslims kill in Africa or the recent slaughter in Mumbai? Or the beheading of men like Nick Berg or the American bodies hanged from bridges and soldiers who have were dragged through the streets in Somalia.

Yes these same purveyors of the "religion of peace" bomb Mosques, stone and rape victims, execute homosexuals and spread their hatred like a sick spiritual gangrene – all in the name of their god. Look to the Philippines, and let's see how Islamic fundamentalism has murdered thousands. This is a culture of death. It is well documented and on display everyday of the week worldwide. Yet millions of Muslims stand by and never speak out against the violence.

Does anyone remember Sept. 11 or the attacks in Madrid, London and Munich just to name a few?

But let Israel defend its people against Hamas' terrorists and the world unleashes a torrent of condemnation and anger. They scream that "innocent" Palestinians are dying and sit on the brink of a major humanitarian crisis ignited by Israel. But why do the true humanitarian crises like Darfur or Rwanda go unmentioned? The difference? One is a culture of life attempting to protect life and the other is a culture of death focused on creating more.

Palestinians should learn a lesson from their Arab neighbors in Iraq. They can continue to embrace and protect Islamic terrorists and, as a result, live in abject social and monetary poverty by allowing insane radicals to control their lives, or they can take a stand. They can awaken every morning not knowing if someone's son or daughter will show up in the market with one of those lovely Hamas designer vests to spill innocent blood, or they can point out the terrorists in their neighborhoods.

Maybe Palestinians should allow Hamas leaders to sacrifice their sons and daughters and themselves if they want to kill everyone who does not bow to their wishes – unless they themselves believe that all who do not bow to Allah must die. And if that be the case, the road ahead is rather rough. They do not want peace; they want dominion. That will not happen without a fight – one Israel is willing to wage.

Israel is a nation that cherishes life. It will trade hundreds of Palestinian criminals held in Israeli jails for just one Israeli. Why? One life to Israel is precious. So I do not see the balance of force to be disproportionate given Hamas wants people to die.

History shows us that for major populations desiring peace, sitting by and doing nothing is not an option. As Dr. Tanay pointed out in a brilliant essay, Russian citizens who embraced peace watched Communist Russia kill 20 million. Chinese citizens merely trying to raise their families did nothing as the Communist Chinese killed 70 million. Peace-loving Japanese didn't want to see death, yet sadistic Japanese soldiers killed 12 million Chinese as they made their way across Southeast Asia.

In all cases the peace-loving people sat by and did nothing until it was too late.

Israel is not willing to stand by and watch any longer. I, for one, am grateful to our ally in the Middle East. While the world sits by and watches Iran acquire nuclear capability and its terrorist friends increase in strength, Israel is taking action. Israel should be thanked and encouraged to do the dirty work no one else in the world is willing to do.

Until the entire world of Islam rejects and repudiates radical Islamic terrorism they should not expect to be protected against bullets and bombs targeted at the cancers of Hamas, Hezbollah and Islamic jihad just to name a few. George Bush put it in proper terms on Nov. 6, 2001: "You're either with us or against us in the fight against terror."

So what do you say, Palestinians? Are you for peace, or are you for terrorism? If it is the latter, don't get angry at Israel or America. For we have both made it crystal clear. In fact, you should thank Israel for its actions. It is expediting your journey to paradise – and, in the process, it will save a nation that loves their children more than you do.

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