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Before America decides to throw the Bush out with the bathwater maybe we should look at the method to his madness and the subsequent outcome.

I know I know: "He was the worst president ever" ... yada, yada. And I suppose if you buy into the constant drone of the mainstream media and the Bush haters you would concur with his prominent role as America's worst. However, I think a bit differently.

I was extremely angry with many of the decisions made by President Bush. I voted for him twice; I felt the disappointment like everyone else. He allowed spending to get totally out of control. He was willing to turn certain functions of our ports over to a Dubai-owned company. And he was willing to offer 15 million illegal aliens what amounted to amnesty, just to name a few.

But ...

Were these his preferences? Or what he had to offer up to the opposition to achieve what he really wanted: keeping this nation safe?

Anyone who understands the inner workings of D.C. will tell you, politics is the fine art of compromise. You have to play the game of give and take to get what you want. How many horrible bills are passed in Congress each year with the taint of this very process?

After Sept. 11, Bush was a changed president. He came into office never expecting the need to confront evil in our time – especially in the form of an attack on our homeland. The attack necessitated his full and undivided focus, attention and energy on keeping the people he pledged to serve safe, regardless of the fact many of those very people would relentlessly attack him for doing so for the next seven years.

He went to Congress and received authorization to wage war on Iraq – the same Iraq every intelligence agency in the world reported was a threat to the free world, and the Iraq that disregarded 17 resolutions demanding a full disclosure of the weaponry. Google "25 tons of yellowcake," and see for yourself.

Bush received unprecedented powers to monitor communications between our enemies abroad and their evildoer buddies in America. The calls were monitored to assure any plans being formulated to attack this nation would never see the light of day no less take more innocent American lives. Attacks against the country Bush loves and serves were unacceptable and all measures were employed to stop them.

Our agencies received invaluable information through the use of interviews and interrogations from creatures like Khalid Sheikh Mohammed that saved many lives. And while the Bush haters claim it was torture, most sane Americans knew better. Bush took huge risks to his political career and provided plenty of ammo to his haters, yet he never once flinched when it came to keeping you and me safe.

President Bush made sure funding for our troops in Iraq and Afghanistan remained uninterrupted, despite politically motivated threats from liberal Democrats. It was essential funding to provide the necessary equipment and to keep fighting the bad guys over there so we would remain safe over here.

Yeah, yeah. Go ahead and keep saying Bush is a moron. You know, a dummy who doesn't know what he is doing. But make no mistake about it. You may not like the way he did it. It may make your stomach turn. But he kept this country safe from further attacks and made those who celebrated our loss of innocent life pay a hefty price for cheering our heartache while praising Allah and Osama bin Laden on Sept. 11.

Many forget the celebrations in the streets throughout the radical Islamic world and how people danced as they watched innocent Americans jump to their death from the 100th floor of the World Trade Center to avoid being consumed by 2,000 degree fires. They forget the jubilant screams of joy as the twin towers crashed to the ground. But our president never forgot.

In fact, he made each of us a promise – a promise birthed atop an unforgettable heap of smoldering rumble at ground zero, a promise, at the time, every real American supported: "I can hear you, the rest of the world can hear you and the people who knocked these buildings down will hear all of us soon."

He honored that promise.

So take a moment before you throw Bush out with the bathwater, and remember while he made many mistakes, he fulfilled the promise he made on a day when we all needed a leader to be a leader. And for that, even if I am the only one in America, I am grateful for his efforts and success at keeping the homeland safe from further attack. I only hope his predecessor will be able to say the same.

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