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Let's see if I have this one right: Joe the Plumber, an unrepentant American from Ohio, is now being investigated after spending 10 minutes with the presumptive president elect. Yet an unrepentant terrorist from Chicago who spent 10 years with his holiness has never been asked a single question.

And we are to believe the media are not in the tank for Obama?

Joe the Plumber did something the media has been unwilling to do: Ask Barack Obama a question. And in that moment, the true Obama came forth – the socialist who would make William Ayers and Saul Alinsky so very proud. Obama wants to "spread the wealth around." He made it abundantly clear that if an American wants to have more than $250k, he or she will be Obama's source for that redistribution.

Obama's answer and the country's reaction whipped the media into a frenzy.

So the media did what they do best. They started apoplectically researching every area of Joe the Plumber's life. They report he owes back taxes (just like Rep. Charlie Rangel), is not a member of a union (just like Barack) and doesn't even have a license to be a plumber. Soon his shoe size, credit card balance and taste in music will be scrutinized to the nth degree.

And any of this makes a difference because … ?

The way the media is going after Joe they must believe he is a real threat to Obama and their quest to make him our 44th president. When I heard Joy Behar on "The View" dismiss Joe's dream of having his own business as a "fantasy," her arrogance was more than I could take. The elite in this country, like Behar and her pals in the entertainment industry, look at guys like Joe the Plumber as if they are foolish to even believe in the American dream.

Can Joe the Plumber really change the course of this election and possibly break the chokehold the media has on American public opinion?

They are not taking any chances. They must make Joe the Plumber, Joe the Liar.

If this recent example of favorable media bias toward Barack Obama is not enough to solidify forever in the minds of the American people that they want him as our next president, nothing will.

Imagine what might be found if Obama's pals in the media were to dig into the past or present life of William Ayers. How about Ayer's wife? Or Tony Rezko? Or even some of the staff at the Obama '08 headquarters? What if they looked into his relationship to Odinga in Kenya or asked him his thoughts on the teachings of Saul Alinsky or Frank Marshall Davis?

Never mind ACORN, there wouldn't be time.

The media could care less about the lack of experience or the lack of judgment these very questionable relationships would expose. They want a Democrat in the White House, and they want it to be Obama. Ask Hillary and Bill if they think I am wrong.

Hillary Clinton was, without a doubt, the Democratic Party candidate. That was right up until the media deemed otherwise. Ask the most powerful political couple in modern times if they were any match for Obama backed by the fifth column in America. They soon found themselves being called every name in the book, including racist. Every association with fundraisers and friends were vetted ad nauseum by the media. And yet Barack wasn't even asked about Rezko or Ayers.

Americans want the truth, not a cover up. The media has been criminal in their neglect of the facts surrounding Obama. They will soon learn the principle Woodward and Bernstein made famous, the one taught to all first-year journalism students: "It is never the crime but the cover-up that does one in."

We must ask ourselves why. Why do they want Obama at any cost?

Change – they want change that will create a liberal superpower in Washington. With Pelosi (liberal leftist from California) as speaker of the House, Harry "half-wit" Reid as Senate majority leader and a Democratic Party majority in both the House and the Senate, they will pass all the socialist fantasies they have for this country without resistance. From the "Fairness Doctrine" to shut down free speech all the way to "Freedom of Choice Act" that will snuff out innocent life, they will drown this country in a tsunami of liberal ideals.

I feel bad for Joe the Plumber, and I think the country should apologize to him. It is only a matter of time before the media totally destroy this poor guy and his family. I suspect William Ayers and his felon wife are sitting back, laughing at how the media ignored them and turned their guns on an American like Joe. If Joe had kissed up to Obama he would be heralded as "every American." Instead he is public enemy No. 1.

However the good news is Joe is tough. He is real. He is more representative of America than all of Obama's leftists friends put together. He works hard and is not going to vote for a man who will do everything to hold him down, steal his money and attempt to run his life – all while spreading Joe's hard-earned wealth around.

Joe the Plumber is America. And on Election Day, I suspect many Joe the Plumbers will show up at the polls and do the right thing. Then the padded room reserved for Chris Matthews and Keith Olbermann will be put to good use.

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