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What do Hurricane Ike, Gov. Sarah Palin and Sen. Barack Obama have in common?

They are full of energy, they come around only once in a lifetime and are capable of creating unbelievable destruction.

Ike, as it bore down on the Texas coast, had residents fleeing for their lives. The citizens of Texas could not move out of Ike's way fast enough. Now that Ike has passed, the actual effects of the storm are being felt.

Barack Obama, if given the opportunity, may cripple America's ability to protect itself and implement huge wasteful government social programs – all while taxing citizens to death.

Sarah Palin is single handedly reducing to a pile of whining rumble what was once the Democratic Party. She has wreaked this havoc merely by being honest, open and straight forward. By being a woman who loves her family and country and is not ashamed to say it.

Watching Sarah Palin cause this level of outright fear in the Obama campaign provides us with a unique look into the effectiveness an Obama administration would have in dealing with our foes on the world stage.

If Barack Obama believes he can handle Ahmadinejad and Putin with the style and manner he has employed against Gov. Palin, he is grossly mistaken. Asking questions about the personal life of a world leader as a point of negotiation may work on the streets in Chicago or on a campaign trail, but it will fall rather flat with experienced leaders who were making decisions while he was studying theory at Harvard.

If he thinks his surrogates can talk down world leaders or rogue nations by comparing a community organizer to Jesus Christ and a governor to Pontus Pilate, he is dreaming. Democrat strategist Donna Brazile offered this foolish comparison on "This Week" with George Stephanopoulos, and within days the parroting of lemmings like Rep. Steve Cohen, D-Tenn., were offered for the congressional record on the floor of the House. How creative this Democratic Party has become in its panic over Palin.

Barack Obama's success is not a product of experience or accomplishment in his service to the nation. It is a result of media hype – media so in love with the personality of a fresh face that honest reporting has been replaced with the packaging of the "next president" of the United States.

Barack would be well served to realize that media made him and can as easily break him. To think the media will be there to fight his battles on the world stage is a lack of judgment on his part.

Now that the race for the White House in earnest is in full swing, it is time the candidates focus on the real issues people face everyday. Gas prices, jobs and the economy are far more important than lipstick on a pig, pregnant daughters or crazy, hate-filled preachers from Chicago.

America is looking for leadership, not a war of words on trivial issues. Americans could care less to watch a presidential candidate attacking the VP candidate on the other side. McCain doesn't attack Biden. It is below him. Biden is not his competition. Obama would be well served by his campaign to set his sights on McCain, not Sarah. Obama needs direction and rightfully so. He is a rookie.

America wants a leader with judgment – judgment birthed in real-world scenarios, not what someone would have done as much as what they did, not what a vote would have been if the person was there but how they did vote when they were there. Barack would have voted "no" on Iraq, "hypothetically." However, when he arrived in the Senate, he then voted to fund it? Why not vote against what he "would" have voted against?

We all know the answer: politics.

Any question as to level of the presidential candidates' judgment was settled once and for all in the choices of VP running mates. Obama picked Biden, not Hillary. McCain pick Palin, not Pawlenty ... any questions?

The media have overplayed their manipulative hands in this election, and America is fed up with the whole lot of them. People all over this country have sent a shot across the bow of the news desks of every media outlet: "Don't try and tell us who we should vote for. Just give us the truth." Of course the media can't handle the truth, so it is no wonder why they have never asked the tough and probing questions of their messiah King Barack. Yet they now want to know the size and caliber of every gun in the Palin gun case.

The media never asked the questions about Obama's relationships with Bill Ayers, Rev. Jeremiah Wright, Tony Rezko or George Soros. They never asked to see his education records. Nor did they look into his accomplishments, or lack thereof, in his service to America. Yet they want to know how running a "small town" qualifies Palin to be VP or president.

Of course the media makes little mention of the success Palin has had during her tenure as governor of Alaska, or the top level clearance she holds being the first in the line of defense against neighboring Russia if a nuclear attack were to be launched. The media are more impressed with a community organizer than an executive who runs a state like clockwork. They are more focused on what the Enquirer said about Sarah's family or personal life.

A revolution against the media is occurring. The public is finally seeing the circus being dished up every night as "news" for what it really is. The more biased attacks the media levels on Sarah Palin, the more popular she becomes with the real people of this country. If it keeps going the way it is going, soon the media will have to resort to attacks on Obama in the same fashion they attacked Sarah just to save his candidacy.

Hurricanes expose weaknesses in the foundations and the infrastructure that hold a city or town together. In the aftermath, a lot is learned by examining what remains once the winds and the rain die down and the water recedes.

Hurricane Ike hit Texas, and the sturdy and well-built remain. The people became more resolved. And soon the rebuilding will make for a stronger Texas.

Hurricane Sarah hit the Democratic Party with gale-force winds of honestly, integrity and values. The Obama campaign showed its weakness and lack of durability. The media could not put Humpty back together again as hard as they tried.

One can only hope that as Hurricane Obama sweeps across the land in the next 50 days, it will track over some cold waters of honest media vetting where it will weaken and become nothing more than a tropical storm. A light rain with little to no lasting effect in our memories. And when it makes landfall on Nov. 4, it will be out of steam. And America will be saved from a tax-and-spend, big-government idealist with no practical experience. Merely a figment of the deluded media imagination, drunk with power to make history by conning America into voting for a rookie.

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