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Last week Americans took back their country from arrogant, pompous and selfish bureaucrats who have held us for decades in a stranglehold – a stranglehold of their personal wishes and political ambitions. It is not a moment too soon, but the heavy lifting is yet to come.

Americans, by the millions, spoke up in a very audible way. The people refused to allow Congress to provide amnesty to 12 to 20 million lawbreakers out of a simple sense of fairness. Congressional switchboards and e-mail inboxes were so flooded with the people's outrage that snob bureaucrats were given no choice but to kill the bill or deal with this anger at the next election. Voters made it clear – NO AMNESTY.

So where do we go from here now that the Senate is listening, instead of arrogantly telling us that we just don't understand what is good for us and we should blindly follow what they say? (Not because they want to, because they have been given no choice.) Here is a short list of suggestions for their burning ears:

Secure the border. This is real simple. Follow the example of Mexico on their southern border. Place lookout towers, manned with Border Patrol agents and 50-caliber machine guns, every 500 hundred yards or so in known crossing points. Authorize agents to stop anyone coming across the border. Warn all potential violators they may well lose their lives if they attempt to ignore our law. Sounds harsh, but, hey, it works very effectively in Southern Mexico. If that is too tough for the complicated thinkers in D.C., then I suggest we send Jim Gilchrist and the Minutemen. They will do the job and do it for free!

Build the Fence. On Oct. 26, 2006, Congress passed the Hunter Bill, and the president signed it into law. It MANDATED 854 miles of fence be built and set aside the funds to pay for it. This is not some seven-foot chain link fence. This is a fence that, to quote Rep. Duncan Hunter, "If they get across my fence, we sign them up for the Olympics immediately." With the fence in place, we can remove lookout towers. This will appease all liberals who complained about the inhumane, but very effective, results of Border Patrol agents being empowered to secure the border. In remote areas, we should use high-tech options to identify and locate potential violators. Empower Border Patrol agents to detain and deport. Again, the Minutemen volunteers are ready to provide support.

Deal with the 12 to 20 million lawbreakers currently in the U.S. illegally. This is an easy one and will actually create jobs. We simply provide all these fine folks who allegedly want to play by the rules a round-trip airline ticket to their place of origin and send them home. They will all cooperate with this plan if Kennedy is correct in his assumption that they are just good people looking for work. When they arrive in say Mexico City, they will fill out a form, go through the new 24-hour background check, take a crash course in English and document that they have gainful employment in America doing a job an American doesn't want. Upon completion of all requirements (these fine folks will cooperate according to Kennedy and Mr. Bush), they will receive a biometric green card that allows them to re-board the plane and return to their job fully documented. Voila!

The airports will be equipped with a special aisle where the newly documented legal workers can get their first taste of lawful entry by being treated to the wonderful scrutiny of a TSA agent who will assume they are terrorists until proven otherwise.

I know, I know. What about the kids? The kids fly free. Take them along. We surely don't want to break up families and neither should they. I can't imagine any parent willing to leave their children behind in a foreign land, even if those children are citizens. We should expect no less of these fine hardworking, family-oriented people. You see, this would prove to all the LEGAL citizens that these folks wish to adhere to the law and play by the same rules we pay our politicians to enforce. Their first part of penance for breaking the law should be to sacrifice for the benefit of the country. Right?

We are changing in America and changing for the good. When we get involved, the politicians listen or they pay the penalty. When current leaders wanted to turn over major American port operations to Dubai Ports World, the American people spoke up and it was stopped. When we saw politicians offering amnesty and citizenship to all, including Mexican gang members, we went into action. They were forced to listen. Now we need to use the same influence to deal with the national debt, health care, Social Security and other issues we face as a nation. The days of Congress ignoring the will of the people are over. "We the People" is more than a slogan, it is a way of life.

Finally, after decades of superior "we know better than you" leadership, the stranglehold of the political elite is being broken. Whether Democrat or Republican, the time to do the will of the people has arrived – make no mistake about it. The leadership is not very happy with you and I being involved in the process. They have said as much in interviews. Instead of thanking you for your call, they were perturbed by it. We were a nuisance in their minds. So while we can celebrate the recent actions of the Senate, some in the Senate want us back to being the silent majority and will work to that end.

Soon the largest single nonpartisan issue will become the resurgence of the "Fairness Doctrine." Career politicians understand all too well an informed, involved people pose the single largest threat to the power they have held over the nation. If they are to control the future, they must silence the debate that talk radio, the Internet and blogs inspire.

The information age has produced a more informed citizenry than ever before. The Internet, blogs, network TV, cable TV, talk radio and print have put instant information in the hands of the people. I believe it is having a positive impact. How can anyone believe a Fairness Doctrine is necessary given all the sources of information that exist on both sides of any debate?

For years politicians have said the "best disinfectant is sunshine." Light tends to expose the deals made in dark rooms. Talk radio and blogs are doing a great job of bringing issues into the light that were done in darkness. Talk radio may just be the only outlet America has to make her voice heard. Without talk radio and the Internet, the Senate, once again, would have voted and passed legislation that the American people clearly reject. They would have received billions in pork for their votes and potentially cost Americans $2.5 trillion in future expenses.

In my June 4th, 2007 column, I mentioned this bill would never see the floor of the House. If by chance it did, the House would kill it. Members of the House are far more accountable to the voter. They face re-election every two years. It is a good thing the politicians did what was right. But never lose sight that they did so only when held accountable by the voters.

A revolution started in America because of this amnesty bill. Not one shot was fired. Not one person was killed or injured. That is unless you count Ted Kennedy's, John McCain's and George Bush's egos. But don't let the revolution die here. This is only the beginning, not the end. There are more battles to fight. The price we pay going forward is eternal vigilance. Stay informed, stay engaged and make your voice heard. It is part of your responsibility to the country and future generations.

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