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Words have different meanings to different people. No greater example of this can be found than in how Democrats define words. Given the current Democratic presidential candidate's near obsession with words, a closer examination of the Democrat Dictionary is in order.

Last week we heard Barack Obama used the words "terrorize" and "ICE agents" in the same sentence as he pandered to the National Council of La Raza in San Diego. Of course Barack is not alone when using "terrorize" and "hard-working Americans" in the same sentence.

Who could forget John Kerry, presidential candidate in 2004, employing the same word to describe how U.S. military personnel were operating in Iraq. Our troops would "terrorize" women and children in the dead of night according to Mr. 57 Varieties. Now, of course Kerry failed to mention that those troops were routing out the insurgents who had murdered innocent Iraqi men, women and children.

Democrat definition:

Ter•ror•ist, \ˈter-ər-ist\, noun: One who terrorizes. Such as an ICE agent enforcing immigration and customs laws drafted by Congress and signed into law by the president. A member of the U.S. military sacrificing to establish security in an Iraqi neighborhood. A border patrol agent stopping illegals and drug traffickers from entering the country.

Memo to Democrats: A terrorist is one who straps bombs on their person, or the person of their child, walks into an area full of innocent civilians for detonation and hits the switch – all on the promise that Allah will be pleased and virgins will be waiting in paradise. They board aircraft fully intent on flying them into high-rise buildings full of civilians. They plants bombs in trains and buses, all while screaming, "Allah akbar!"

A terrorist does not attempt to enforce law but destroy law and replace it with chaos and fear. Why is this so hard for a Harvard or Yale-educated hack to understand?

Democrat definition:

Pres•i•den•tial elec•tion, \pre-zə-dənt-shal\ \i-ˈlek-shən\, noun: A popularity contest. The winner of which must have the following qualities: He or she must be able to enchant the masses and charm the camera. He or she must give Chris Matthews chills. He or she must be well liked. Madison Avenue packaging and poll positions are of the utmost importance.

Memo to Democrats: A presidential election is about electing the most qualified, capable, experienced person to lead the greatest nation on Earth. To elect a president who is not concerned as much with popularity as they are about the security, prosperity and freedom of the people who elect them into office.

Democrat definition:

Ne•go•ti•ate, \ni-ˈgō-shē-ˌāt\, verb: Also known to a Democrat as "diplomacy," but actually refers to appeasement and surrender. For those who are lovers, not fighters. For those who prefer to give in rather than stand up. Used in a sentence: A little more negotiation or diplomacy is all that is needed to get our enemies to love us.

Memo to Democrats: Jimmy Carter negotiated with Iran during his reign of terror (oops … Democrat slip) I mean, during his administration. And what did it yield? Approximately 444 days of Americans held hostage by a group of religious zealots – right up until Ronald Reagan was sworn into office. If memory serves me, Iran released the hostages just before the syllables "so help me God" were uttered at his inauguration.

One could go on and on about the foolishness of Democrat defining. However, at the end of the exercise one must ask themselves the question, why is their thinking so far off base?

How can Harry Reid suggest oil and coal make us sick when both fulfill the need for the energy that keeps the economy going and supports a lifestyle that is the envy of the entire world? Hey Harry! Ever been very ill and had to go to the hospital? Imagine the care you would have received if they had no electricity to power the HVAC, the life saving equipment, the sterilization apparatuses and lights. Oh that would be great to watch a surgeon operate on you without lights or any equipment to monitor your vital signs. Sure hope the anesthesiologist knows how to fly blind. Brilliant Harry! Brilliant!

Democrat definition:

Mil•i•tary, \ˈmi-lə-ˌter-ē\, noun: A fine place for young men and women to enlist, receive training, housing, health care and an education. Teaches young folks how to fly planes, sail boats, shoot cannons and storm beaches. Of course, all that should not be in preparation to fight wars and kill bad guys. In our eyes, it is more of a proving ground for social experiments such as gay rights and women in combat. (Note: If a soldier is to actually do the job he or she is trained for, Democrat John Murtha will describe that soldier as a "murderer.")

Memo to Democrats: The military consists of brave men and women who fight for your right to act in the nonsensical way you do – who give up the comforts of home and family so you may continue to be in the positions you are in. They spill their blood so you have the freedom to run your mouths without care and make your empty, senseless arguments.

Do Democrats not realize the average American happens to know the true meanings of all these things? News flash: They do. But then why is a Democrat candidate even considered for the presidency?

Simple. America wants to have someone who will make them feel good about everything the government can do to improve our lives. It will clothe, feed, house and heal us. I hear it will even provide dentures in our old age.

It will take from the rich and give to the poor. It will make America a more "fair" place to live – that is, if you accept its definition of the word "fair."

Democrat definition:

Fair, \ˈfer\, adjective: 1) Health care for all, regardless of lifestyle choices. If a person is obese and smokes 10 packs of cigarettes a day, it is not their fault. They must not have been breastfed as a child. The government will take care of them. 2) Government bailouts from foreclosure on a house one has "purchased" with no money down. A house that person has not even made the first payment on. Even though their neighbor chose to save up, put 20 percent down, make every payment and even sell his childhood baseball card collection on eBay to keep his payments current.

Memo to Democrats: Your idea of fair is what the rest of us call socialism, and it will not be tolerated by the men and women who live right and work hard.

I can only hope this year the American people really listen closely to what is being said by the Democrats but equally to what has been said in the past. If one was to truly hold the words used by many Democrats to account, the Democratic Party would be no more. And that would be a good thing.

Freedom defined by a Democrat is the government providing a cradle to grave existence that they control. To me that is the antonym of freedom. But then again, I am not a Democrat.

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