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If you are one of the millions of Americans who believe the media control public opinion, you have an unprecedented opportunity in the November election to prove them wrong – to once and for all send a message that news and opinion should be separate entities.

As I speak to people across the country, it is almost a forgone conclusion that our next president is the fresh prince from Chicago. Headlines look more like campaign slogans as they herald the coming of the greatest leader the world has ever known: A savior with oratory skills delivered directly from God himself to the soon coming king. "Barack Obama: Change you can believe in."

Now keep in mind, the media could care less if Obama is qualified or not. They gloss over any inconsistent statement or faux pas that would traditionally make the news cycle on the 24/7 cable shows. It appears this candidate need not possess a basic understanding of international diplomacy, the economy or the military. No, he is the anointed one. Why he has served as a community organizer and as a senator for almost a full 18 months! And man, can he give a speech.

When I was a kid I thought Superman was real. Clark Kent could jump into a phone booth, change his clothes and transform into a crime fighter extraordinaire. He was faster than a speeding bullet, more powerful than a locomotive and was able to leap tall buildings in a single bound. The more I watched him on TV, the more I believed. Apparently the public today views Obama much like I viewed Superman. He is invincible. He can do it. Just make him the president and all our worries are over.

With this constant favorable coverage, the only candidate in political history who has never been vetted may soon occupy the Oval Office. He has never been examined through normal channels. He has never been required to explain questionable relationships or to explain his qualifications. Yet he is asking to be the leader of the greatest nation on Earth. No need to ask I guess. He is "Barack the Almighty." He is here to save the day, and the only thing we need to do is say thank you and vote for him – at least, according to the media. Heck, why even have an election? He is the king!

Anyone with half a brain can see the answers Barack Obama offers America do not reflect the change he promises. Higher taxes, appeasement of hostile enemies, health care for all, windmills and biodiesel are not a policy. They are the strategies, right out of the socialist playbook, that have failed miserably in the past. Offering bailouts to all who get in trouble will not promote the personal responsibility that made America great. And by the way, we are great.

I get so tired of Obama and the left talking about how he, Barack the Conqueror, will restore America to its greatness. We are great, Barack –maybe not in the eyes of Obama, his wife, Rev. Wright, Father Pflegler and William Ayers, but we are. We have the best workforce, the kindest hearts, the most generous people, and I am tired of him trying to tear the greatness of the nation apart just so he can sit in the oval office and rule the world.

So when November comes, each American will have an historic chance to break the stranglehold the media have on public opinion and political events in the country. A vote for anyone other than Obama will be a vote for telling the media to take their left-wing, socialist agenda and place it where the sun don't shine.

I am not a great fan of Juan McCain. If you follow my writings, I have explained why in great detail. But the nation will regret the day they allowed the media to undermine McCain and Hillary in their obsession with an untested, unproven, charismatic prince from Chicago who sends "chills" down the leg of Chris Matthews. They will regret how the media, not the public, picked our president. If that is to occur, the power that we the people will have placed into the hands of the media will force a new pledge of allegiance in America:

"We pledge allegiance to the media and will rely on them for our marching orders. We will do as we are told because the media are all about integrity and accuracy and have our best interests at heart. We are now one nation under CNN/NBC with propaganda and handouts for all."

And then we can order floppy straw hats, grey uniforms and prepare to work the rice fields.

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