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Once upon a time, in America, if a man stole another man's horse, he would face the hangman at high noon and justifiably so. Stealing is wrong. But now five liberal judges on the Supreme Court find it perfectly acceptable to rape a man's child and face nothing more than life in prison. This is progress?

Liberals are insulting anything and everything any reasonable person sees as decent and just. I wonder how much more "progressive" thinking we can tolerate in America before total chaos rules the day.

I hear over and over again how liberals respect the rule of law yet they seem incredibly comfortable ignoring laws or finding excuses why not to enforce the law. Libs apparently subscribe to the notion that punishment has no value unless it is imposed on Republicans from the Bush administration. They are willing to give child rapists, illegal aliens, crack dealers and international financier-fugitives like Marc Rich the benefit of the doubt, but without any evidence, they call for the heads of the Bush administration – unless you consider "hearsay" to be evidence.

Watch any congressional hearings conducted by the newly appointed, Democrat puppets like Jerrold Nadler, John Conyers and the angry Muslim Keith Ellison and you will see where the liberals turn for testimony. Recent hearings discussing memos related to "torture" invoke sources like the New York Times, Vanity Fair, the Washington Post and ABC news. The liberals in Congress look to the media for truth instead of reliable, sworn testimony. Democrats quote press accounts as if they came from the Bible. Need I remind you how many times they get it wrong? Yet retractions always end up on page 37.

And so the progress we see coming from the liberal, democratically controlled Congress, headed up by Speaker Pelosi, has done absolutely nothing other than watch gas prices rise from $2.15 a gallon when they took office to more than $4.15 today.

But it is Bush's fault, right?

Liberals are destroying the nation, and many people are sitting by and watching it happen. When you have five liberal justices afford a rapist life in prison while a jury of 12 calls for the death penalty, they disqualify themselves from being called justices. That is not justice. That is insanity.

When four liberal judges vote to remove your Second Amendment right, they show just how much they despise the Founding Fathers and all they fought, bled and died for. The decision on the D.C. gun ban case should have been unanimous. Even one vote to affirm the ban would reveal the true intent of the judge casting it. The court is to interpret law not write it or change it. This should be an activist-free court. The right to bear and keep arms is as clear as crystal. And given the fact liberals won't protect our children, it would be sheer genius in their minds to not allow us the right to own a gun that may just enable us to protect our family.

I hope it is becoming increasing apparent to any sane person with an IQ of 75 or higher just what liberalism is doing to the nation. The big question is, just how long will America allow this mental cancer to eat away at the land we love and cherish?

When we have come to a point where terror detainees are afforded "rights" in the American court system while American citizens have to fight to maintain their rights enshrined in the Constitution, it is time to take stock on just what motivates liberals.

They hate this nation, plain and simple. Don't try and sugar coat it or justify it. Don't try and make it politically correct. They hate this country. And with the recent ruling, it is clear they hate children as well.

Explain to me the justification Ruth Bader Ginsburg, former ACLU attorney, can provide to a family on why she is not willing to defend and protect a child. If her liberal thinking has denigrated to the point where killing children in the womb and raping them after birth doesn't make her burn with disgust, she needs immediate mental health attention.

We have a lot of problems in this country, no doubt – problems that over time we will work through. However if we are looking to the liberals in government and the courts to solve them, we are in big trouble.

Government needs to get off our backs, out of our pockets and away from our children. The court needs to interpret and uphold the Constitution, not write laws. If we take that approach, our future is bright. If not, get ready for your life to be run by folks like Pelosi and Ginsburg.

That is right up until the point when the patriots stand at the foot of the bridge and draw the line. And that day may be rapidly approaching.

Interventions are a very popular solution to people who are out of control. So we may need a million sane Americans to go to Washington and stage an intervention. They can start at the Capitol and finish at the Supreme Court – only leaving those who defend America, the Constitution and our children.

Put simply ... we can not afford any more liberal progress. If this is progress, I suggest we digress.

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