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Imagine if three people decided to change jobs. They maintain their current jobs while rarely showing up for work. They interview nonstop for 18 months, all the while continuing to receive a paycheck without fulfilling any of their responsibilities. Two of them fail to get the new job and return to their employer as if nothing happened. One does get hired and leaves the old employer high and dry. Welcome to the presidential election process in America.

It amazes me how Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton and John McCain have been campaigning for a new job, getting paid to do so and have even been receiving full-time security; all at the taxpayers' expense. At the end of this process, the losers go back to their cushy Senate jobs but with a different title ..."loser."

Can you imagine any employer tolerating such an event? Yet 300 million Americans do just that.

I believe once a candidate chooses to run for president they should resign their current position in public service. Why should that candidate's constituents receive sub par representation as these power-hungry jerks look to better their lot in life? It is insane.

How many Senate votes, debates and negotiations were missed by the three amigos as they gallivanted across the land attempting to convince you how much better their leadership will make your life? They have clearly demonstrated that if a better opportunity presents itself they are more than willing to abandon any commitment they made to serve the folks who hired them. What makes you think it will be any different when one of them wins?

Two of these political animals will go back to the Senate to serve out their term, receive a fat pension and enjoy all the perks that go with the title "senator." These folks are not public servants. They have become the political elite. The aristocracy. The "kings." The very creatures our founders fought and died to prevent. Current leaders don't serve, they are served.

This year's election has been a history making event no doubt. While most focus on the first woman, first African-American and the first retiree; I see much more.

This is the first election in modern history in which sayings such as "birds of the feather flock together," "you are judged by the company you keep" and "bad company corrupts good morals" have been abandoned by the Democratic Party in their choice of Barack Obama. Long gone are the days when the company one kept reflected the values one held. I am convinced these candidates would kiss a snake or sell their mothers if it meant winning the White House.

It is the first election in which the Republicans have run a candidate who can't give a speech to save his life. His communication skills are nonexistent. He even has a tough time reading a teleprompter. It is painful to watch John McCain give a speech, especially when he flubs up with the word "beer" in place of "bill." It gives one pause to wonder just how much of Cindy's beer fortune he has partaken of. Of course, that beer fortune does guarantee a rather comfortable time in his golden years. He and John Kerry would have made great running mates in 2004: Teresa, Cindy and their "kept" men. Budweiser beer to go with the Heinz-slathered burger at the old politicians' picnic.

This whole process of selecting a leader of the greatest nation on earth has become a joke, but it shouldn't be. This is serious business. Instead of looking for a statesman who lives by principles, we are accepting a joker who lives by opinion polls. Focus groups and high tech analysis have replaced the needs of the people with the desire for power.

The recent 5-4 decision by the Supreme Court granting Gitmo detainees rights in American courts illustrates just how critical electing the right president will be. In essence, this leftist court has given detainees the right to challenge their detention on American soil. If they are found "not guilty," will they be released in the city over which that court presides? Maybe to execute orders the interrogators were not allowed to ask about?

The left wants to bring the "troops" home so badly that apparently Ruth Bader Ginsburg and company will choose the wrong troops. Their decision will bring the troops of al-Qaida right into your backyard. Can you imagine just what will go through the minds of our soldiers when they capture the enemy knowing a liberal judge may well let them go? And worse than that, they may be held in an American prison on American soil.

The media has been relentless since the Supreme Court decision how it is "another loss for the Bush administration." Not true! This was a loss for the American soldier and the citizens they fight, bleed and die to protect. The same media has made it clear who they endorse and promote as your next president. If the coverage was any more biased, it would be embarrassing. But it is all about ratings for the hacks on NBC and CNN. Support and love Obama; attack and hate Bush. And don't forget the DNC talking point that a vote for McCain is a vote for "a Bush third term."

The choices this year are frankly depressing. But I can tell you that given how the courts look at the world today, Americans better consider the consequences of more left wing activists on the courts. We better think long and hard about energy, the economy, taxes, health care, enemy combatants' rights and the other issues we face.

The question we must ask ourselves is: Which one of these candidates is concerned about America winning? Which candidate views America as a benefit to the world? Then think about the world without America. If the wrong person is chosen, we may well see what that world looks like.

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