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The blame game is in full swing on Capitol Hill now that oil and gas prices are touching record highs and consumers are feeling the pinch. As usual big oil is the easiest target, especially with $12 per gallon gas predictions now being trotted out to help scare America into believing the bogus peak oil theory.

But I have a better idea. Instead of whining, complaining and blaming everyone, from OPEC to big oil to President Bush, on this Memorial Day holiday let's actually do something about it.

I remember back in 2006, when the proposed sale of U.S. port management in six major seaports to the United Arab Emirates, or UAE, was crushed by We the People. We made our voice heard and stopped the proposed sale in the name of sanity and national security.

And who can forget the proposed Comprehensive Immigration Reform Act? We the People put our foot down and told our elected officials we demand enforcement of our borders before even considering amnesty for millions of illegal immigrants.

So, if you are feeling frustrated, squeezed and powerless to solve the emerging oil and gas crisis, I have a serious solution: It is again time We the People offer Capitol Hill a clear solution on exactly how to ease the pain at the pump – short term and long term.

Investor and fund speculation in the energy markets has grown 20-fold, from $13 billion to $260 billion in the last five years, says CNBC. Speculators are betting there will be no substantial increase of oil supply from domestic oil drilling or new refineries built.

The key to bringing oil and gas prices down quickly will be opening strategic areas for production, which will flush out widespread energy speculation from the market. Serious government action will send speculators running for cover.

My plan begins with a call, e-mail, letter or fax to your representative and senator requesting these three immediate actions:

1. Drill for oil now.

Approve fast-track legislation to begin extracting oil and natural gas from the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge, or ANWR, the Outer Continental Shelf, or OCS, and deep waters in the Gulf of Mexico, dramatically reducing foreign dependence.

2. Refine more oil now.

Approve fast-track legislation to build at least four new, strategically placed oil refineries throughout the U.S., as well as building new pipeline infrastructure to deliver finished product throughout the U.S.

3. Strengthen U.S. dollar now.

Demand the federal government put a freeze on new spending and reduce our $9.4 trillion national debt and deficits. This action will immediately strengthen the dollar and help reduce inflation.

"We need leaders with the political courage to take on the environmentalists blocking access to massive untapped reservoirs of U.S. oil offshore and in the ANWR," said 86 percent of respondents to a recent WND poll.

If We the People make our voices heard on this issue, I believe we can drive oil and gas prices down by 15 percent within one month.

To assist you in letting your representative and senator hear your voice on this critical issue, I have created a new website and posted a template letter, fax, phone and e-mail along with useful links to better understand this critical issue.

Today, surging oil and gas prices threaten to crush the middle class in America as they fuel rising inflation, which will soon trickle down and affect the cost of everything.

President Bush recently said, "Our problem in America gets solved when we aggressively go for domestic exploration. ... if we expand our refining capacity, promote nuclear energy and continue our strategy for the advancing of alternative energies as well as conservation."

Amen! If I didn't know better, I'd think President Bush has been reading transcripts from all the radio and television interviews I have done since 2005, when Hurricane Katrina revealed weaknesses in our national energy policy, or lack thereof.

My hope is that WND readers will help me lead this charge starting today. Together we can overcome the political grandstanding and apathy on Capitol Hill. If enough people speak out to enough government leaders we will soon enjoy a more pleasant experience when visiting our local filling station.

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