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Bill Clinton and Hillary "Huckabee" Clinton are determined to win the Democratic nomination. Of course, it is important to note the Clintons definition of the word "win."

At this point, the only hope the Clintons have of keeping the dream alive will be the courts. A favorable outcome of counting the votes and seating the delegates of Florida and Michigan will go a long way in securing the victory they so desperately seek. Litigation is the middle name of Democrats. The DNC wants to stick to the rules; the Clintons want a win. Thus a lawsuit will emerge as the Clintons' weapon of choice. Lying under oath will be no problem for either of these political prostitutes. They are both quite experienced in the art of deception.

Oh yes, that is what they are in the fullest: prostitutes. In Pennsylvania, Hillary was the beer-drinking, hard-working gal who identifies with the blue-collar worker. On "The O' Reilly Factor," she was the rich gal who said, "God bless us. Ninety percent of the benefit has gone to people like us." when talking about the wealthy in America.

A prostitute is whatever you need her to be. While Hillary's price may be a bit higher, possibly the future of America, she is nothing more than a prostitute. Give her what she wants, and she will give you what you want.

But with all her pandering and all her arrogant promises to fix everything, from high gasoline prices to health care, she can't seem to close the deal. Therefore, it is but a matter of time before she will turn to her favorite institution, the courts, to give her what she wants. The will of the people means nothing to the Clintons. A win to them is much different than a win to you or me.

It will be interesting to see how Madame Hillary pulls this one off. In the 2000 election, she and every Democrat attacked the Supreme Court for "giving" George Bush the White House. He never "won" the election; it was stolen by the "Bush crime family." Note: I got that term straight off Air America radio, which by the way provides a good laugh and verifies Michael Savage's assertion that liberalism is a mental disorder. Just listen to Mike Malloy, Randi Rhodes or any of the other crazies for a few hours and see for yourself.

Will the same members of the party now claim Hillary stole this election? Will they spend eight years attacking and undermining everything Hillary does? Will they mock her and spew hatred the likes the world has never seen, as was done to G.W., because she stole the election? I doubt it.

Hillary and Bill want to win regardless of the rules. That is a fact. I wonder just how far the DNC will go in giving into the Clinton political machine. Is it really worth victory at any cost regardless of the damage the Clintons inflict on their party or the country? Will the rules remain the rules, or will the courts rewrite the rules?

Just as Bill Clinton redefined the word "is" while lying under oath, expect Hillary to redefine the word "win." It will forever change politics. We have entered a time in America, thanks to liberalism, in which rules and laws mean nothing. Break the law coming across the border and the penalty? Free health care and education. Rape and murder? Receive a warm jail cell with TV and three meals a day. Get caught on the wrong side of the war on terror? A stay at Gitmo with lemon chicken, a new Quran and the promise not to be questioned (to a lib that would be "torture").

If we don't reverse this trend, we will soon find our country in total chaos. There will be no right or wrong. It will all be gray and left up to the ACLU and the courts to determine. Courts stacked with like-minded, liberal judges more concerned with political correctness than truth, laws or rules.

So if the calls for Hillary to dropout increase, expect to see the lawyers. And if by chance that doesn't produce the "win" the Clintons desire, you may see Hillary take a page from the Lieberman playbook and run as an independent. Strategy and tactics know no bounds when it comes to the Clinton appetite for power.

Hillary has made it clear that she is a fighter, and she is going nowhere other than a residence equipped with a west wing to house her political machine of operatives and manipulators. I wish she wanted a win for freedom in Iraq this much. Code Pink and Cindy Sheehan may be a bit disappointed, but the soldiers who have fought, bled and died deserve a real victory. Not a prostitute that will retreat to have a full-time pastry chef.

We face a real world with real threats and real problems. We also face a future of great promise. The next leader of America and the free world must understand both and be willing to make the tough and necessary choices to address both. I am not very confident in any of the candidates quite frankly, but whoever wins must do so by the rules. We must get back to enforcing laws, not writing new ones. Rules should be followed, not bent for political gain.

We stand at the threshold of some of the best days America has ever seen, or possibly the worst. The difference lies in a choice. The choice to do the right thing. To compete and fight but always play by the rules. That is the only way we truly win.

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