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After observing the race for the White House during the past few weeks, I am convinced that if Hillary would run the country the way she is running for president, she may well make a great president.

Face the facts: Of the three candidates, Hillary is the only one willing to fight for the job. She is willing to destroy her competition and annihilate her enemies regardless of the tactics she must employ. Pulling hair, hitting below the belt, pandering, playing the race card. Nothing is off limits to Hillary in her quest to have 1600 Pennsylvania Ave. as the return address on her 2009 Christmas cards.

Ahmadinejad, Kim Jong Il, Osama bin Laden combined would not stand a chance against Hillary if she would deal with them the way she treats her fellow Democrats. She is ruthless and relentless in her pursuit of power, and our enemies would be best off giving her what she wants versus suffering her wrath. Just ask Barack.

Hillary has the uncanny ability to be in favor of a trade agreement one moment and against it the next. NAFTA and the Columbian Free Trade Agreement are perfect examples. She could tell our partners what they want to hear and then do just the opposite. Give them a bit of the medicine they have been giving the U.S. for years on lopsided deals. Hillary has no problem lying straight to anyone's face. Perfect talent for a leader who wants to rebuild our tattered reputation, don't you think?

She is now a gun-loving, whiskey-drinking, beer-chugging gal who would love to take a good ol' boy out for a brew at the local bar. You know the type: the girl next door from middle America.

And while she has never worked an honest day in her life, she can identify with those who have, right? Ask Hillary if she is better off today than she was eight years ago when Mr. Bush won the election. She will say no. Just like a normal American right? However her $107 million in the bank say otherwise.

So I have advice for Barack and Juan. If they want to see the inside of the White House without being in a group led by a tour guide, they had better offer their services as VP, pronto. The first one to do so has a shot at serving at the feet of America's new queen. The other will be back in the Senate sitting next to John Kerry because Hillary is willing to do anything and everything to get power. And I mean anything and everything.

Make no mistake about it. Juan McCain is done, and Barack is rapidly fading. Unless one of them is willing to take off the gloves and fight for the job; it is over! If I had three people applying for a job this important in one of my companies, it wouldn't even be a contest at this point. McCain is a wussy. Obama acts like he is the fresh prince of Chicago who should be given the job under affirmative action and quotas. He need not show you a résumé, no less his character.

We need a president not looking to win a popularity contest but willing to do what it takes to put America back in a position to win. And while I don't think any one of them can actually do it, at least Hillary acts like she can.

America is looking for someone who will kick butt and ask questions later and a president who will defend and lead this nation through the tough times ahead. It needs one who will tell Iran it is time to abandon its pursuit of nuclear weapons or prepare to suffer the consequences.

The U.S. deserves a leader who will see lowering taxes and stimulating the economy as the only ways to produce long-term results instead of applying the government Band-Aids that only make matters worse.

Our nation requires a commander in chief willing to stand up to radical terrorists as well as the radical environmentalists who threaten our sources of energy, one who will pursue our natural resources in the ANWR and OCS as well as the Great Basin to bring millions of barrels of domestically-produced oil to our markets.

An effective president must believe government is not the solution to the problems we face, but government is the problem we face.

I know, I know. There is no one running who will do that. But they will say it and will promise it. They will tell us what we want to hear and not what we need to hear. That is what politicians do. Pandering is all they know because it works so well.

So, this year, get ready for a president elect that will do damage regardless of who it is. Barack and Juan want to bring civility back into the race, which is just fine with Hillary because she is playing to win. She is willing to fight to get what she wants, and I only hope she fights as hard for America as she is in duping people to vote for her. Barack and Juan are just not willing to fight.

I don't want Hillary as our president. I think she will destroy the country. But Barack or McCain must man up and start to fight. We have already seen the leadership of a woman in Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi. She promised everything and has delivered nothing. Hillary will be no different.

Four years of Hillary will set the stage for a nation hungry for real leadership. America will run, not walk, back to conservative principles. Unless of course she is willing to fight the way we need her to.

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