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Before you know it November will be upon us, and we will be required to choose a new president. But as in all elections, we will also vote on certain proposals and ballot initiatives. So I suspect it is only a matter of time before we hear the voices of the gay and lesbian community demanding the right to government-sanctioned "marriage," and this year I am all for it!

Homosexuals should enjoy the same rights and privileges married couples have experienced since the beginning of time: To be able to love and cherish, to have and to hold, for richer or poorer, in sickness and in health, 'till death do they part.

Marriage, however, does have certain responsibilities that go along with those rights if it is to endure the test of time. With the high rate of divorce in our nation, I believe the gay community could show the heterosexual world that true commitment, based in love, can overcome any obstacle.

Now I can tell you from personal experience one of the key elements in a successful marriage is fidelity. Being faithful to one's spouse is essential. While many couples fight about money and children, nothing will bring about the talk of divorce faster than an affair. Affairs attack the most sacred part of a marriage ... trust.

I'm all for gay couples tying the knot of holy matrimony with one caveat: They have to be faithful to their spouses. Fair enough? Let's not only make it part of the vows; let's make it part of the law.

If each gay couple took a vow of fidelity and kept it sacred, they would soon realize what anyone with a basic 10th grade sexual education already knows: It takes a man and a woman to produce a baby. It is a physiological impossibility for a man and a man, or a woman and a woman, to procreate.

Thus I suspect if married gay couples honored their vows, within two to three generations we would not have any more gay babies being born. Given most gay people say they didn't choose to be gay but were born gay, it would eliminate innocent people being born into a world that homosexuals deem so hostile toward them. It would settle once and for all the argument that homosexuality is genetic and not a choice. Nature, not nurture. If there is no procreation, there is no passing of genes and, thus, the species does not survive.

Darwin would have been right!

Now I know. The gay community will say I'm being cruel. But I am offering my idea to help a group of people that was allegedly given no choice about the cross they must bear in such a homophobic society. Hey, I am only trying to help here. Fidelity in marriage would have a number of positive effects: No disease, no lying, no fights and reduced numbers of divorce.

I already envision the hate mail. Many, after they attack me and call me names, will tell me they will just use in vitro fertilization to have children, which would keep passing on the gene they claim makes them gay. Who is the cruel one then? Who would want to pass on a gene that would produce a child challenged with the burden of being gay? I wouldn't have children if I knew I would pass on a gene that causes pain, would you?

Many gay couples will adopt, which is fine with me. I know gay couples can provide a loving and caring environment for their adopted child. But they will also realize if that child were to choose a gay lifestyle, it would be a product of the environment in which he or she lived, not genetics.

Let's get serious. Homosexuality is a choice. And the choices people make are their business. What goes on in your bedroom is your choice. But when a group or person attempts to force society into condoning their choice or demands that their choice be taught to future generations as a "normal" lifestyle, I have a problem.

If you want to take the position that homosexuality is not a choice, then let's experiment with my idea. We will know rather quickly who is right and who is wrong for nature itself proves the whole genetic argument invalid.

So let's call it what it is and not mingle marriage with mockery. Keep marriage in America between one man and one woman. That will ensure the human species will continue for generations to come.

If a society wishes to make any lifestyle acceptable, that is for the society to choose. There was a time in America when adultery and homosexuality were viewed as criminal and punishable with public humiliation at the minimum and, in certain instances, with jail time. We have seen many behaviors that were once looked upon as wrong become acceptable today.

But let's be honest about it. Let's not lie and find some lame excuse for why people behave the way they behave and take responsibility for our individual choices. Why must everyone have an excuse? Personal responsibility is the backbone of any society if it is to survive.

If we continue to accept the breakdown of the moral fiber that made this nation great, it is only a matter of time before we dissolve as a functioning society. Should we allow a man to marry his dog, claiming he was born with a gene that attracts him to dogs? If we did, once again, my theory would prove accurate for man and dog cannot procreate. Society's acceptance of such would only further erode the morality that makes us who we once were and who we should be again.

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