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It is time to end the war in Iraq. To do so we must ignore left wing-dominated politics and do what is necessary to complete the mission successfully.

The same shock and awe that accomplished the ouster of Saddam and his thugs needs to be implemented now. Soldiers tasked with securing the nation should have our full support to do their jobs without fear of prosecution from a political hack in D.C.

The taking of Baghdad was one of the finest examples of military superiority in our history. By any account the mission was accomplished in an efficient and timely fashion as "shock and awe" overwhelmed the enemy and any force attempting to resist.

Then the voices of political correctness took over and the amazing victory, that was well under way, devolved into a political mess that has divided the nation.

Soldiers sent into harm's way were asked to become social workers, not keepers of the peace. Military personnel were now faced with legal action if any mistakes were made. Killing the enemy became punishable by a life sentence in the brig. Brave, hard-working, volunteer soldiers rapidly found themselves being used for political advantage by the very Congress that authorized their deployment.

When will the left-wing fanatics of the Democratic Party start loving their country and our troops more than they hate George Bush? How dare they vote to allow the use of troops and then cut the legs out from under those troops for political advantage? How dare they coddle the bad guys while calling for the prosecution of our men and women on the ground? I wonder how many of the dead and wounded are a result of fighting in the "politically correct" method of the left wing versus fighting like a soldier.

Look no further than Nancy Pelosi to see what many Democrats desire. After her victory and just before taking the gavel as the first female speaker of the house she shouted to her supporters, "Let's hear it for the power." This woman and her left-minded colleagues are obsessed with power, not results. And now the party wants us to consider another woman for commander-in-chief? At best she would make a "panderer-in-chief." Promising an end, but never delivering.

So what will change the current situation?

It won't be pretty nor politically correct but extremely effective if we honestly want to bring this war to a successful conclusion. A conclusion that leaves Iraq with a future.

If we've learned anything from the prior leadership in Iraq it is that both Sunni and Shiites understand only one way of life: A life with hard and fast rules. Rules that, if violated, prompt immediate and severe punishment. And while the West may see it as cruel, it is what most of the Middle East accepts as part of life.

The Middle East needs to learn the Bush doctrine. If you help terrorists, if you harbor terrorist, you are a terrorist and will be punished accordingly. When American soldiers come into neighborhoods to weed out the enemy, citizens should point out the bad guys or take the chance of dying along with them. Our soldiers can and will clean out the scum. If anyone stands in the way they are impeding the peace and, thus, not our friend.

Fences need to be erected to stop the flow of Iranian weapons aimed at Iraqi citizens and American troops from coming across the border. Gen. Petraeus and Ambassador Crocker have repeatedly reported Iranian support is killing innocent civilians and our troops. It can and must be stopped.

Iraq and the world need to witness the full force of American military power in securing Iraq, while eliminating anything that stands in the way of that process. Iraq was quite a different place when an iron fist ruled. Streets were IED free, and terrorists chose to live elsewhere.

The war would come to a conclusion really fast if the politics stopped and the focus was placed on getting the job done. It can be done and should be done to close this chapter in world history.

Then the world would know we say what we mean as a nation and mean what we say. And what we start we finish because we are still the greatest nation on the face of the earth.

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