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I have never heard a message from the pulpit that needed to be bleeped to make it acceptable for broadcast on the public airwaves – that was until I heard Barack Obama's pastor's oratory prowess. But I don't understand the big stink.

Does it surprise anyone to hear this type of bigotry? Do we really want to act like incendiary speech isn't heard all over this country? It is on TV and radio. We can read it in newspapers and magazines. So let's stop the false, righteous indignation the country is exhibiting and get back to the issues.

Since when hasn't the Democrat Party been allowed to be disingenuous about an issue? The Dems supported the troops but opposed the war. Liberal commentators had no problem with that ridiculous position, so why would they have a problem with Obama supporting his pastor and not supporting what he says?

Louis Farrakhan is known for speaking in tones identical to the now famous Rev. Jeremiah Wright. His racist, anti-Semitic remarks have been with us for years. The claims of "rich white men" and their oppression are nothing new. Heck you even have white folks preaching that George Bush engineered the planes that flew into the World Trade Center.

Anybody with half a brain knows Jeremiah Wright is a very misguided wacko who used the lack of knowledge of his flock for his personal gain. Is that something new in the church? Wright whipping people into a hateful frenzy before passing the offering plate is not much different than a preacher pulling on your heart strings about starving children in the Congo before doing the same.

If there is anything new, it is the need to bleep the words. We have added a few new bleep-worthy words over the last several years thanks to Revs. Al and Jesse. The famous "n" word is total taboo right now. That is unless you own a pimped out Cadillac or a rap music record label.

I know attending this church shows a lack of judgment on Obama's part. He should have walked out in disgust and protest to such comments. If that is what the media wants, then I think Hillary should have left Bill after the stains on the blue dress verified the existence of her husband's DNA. But she didn't. Apparently she supports Bill just not the ... well, you know.

So let's all take a breath and give Barack a break. He is entitled to one, isn't he? Affirmative action should play a part here, shouldn't it? He is a minority after all.

Fact is the chickens are coming home to roost on those in the Democratic Party whom have used race to divide our nation for years. Republicans assured the passage of the Civil Rights Act of 1964, not Democrats. Democrats love to divide and drive wedges between Americans. Check Rev. Wright's party status if you don't believe me. I doubt you will find an "R" on his registration card.

There is no doubt, if you have been following this Democratic primary, the Clintons have injected race from day one. Barack's drug use. His alleged connection to Islam. The fact Jesse Jackson won South Carolina in 1988. In some cases, a little and in others, a ton. But each attack on Obama by the Clintons has had shades of racism. But only now the media is concerned that Obama was taught by a racist? Interesting.

I am confident these recent events will shake out the weasels in the liberal media who just two weeks ago were talking about the goose bumps they got every time Obama spoke. How they saw him as the greatest hope for America. How he would bring change. Expect those cockroaches to flee as if someone just turned the lights on in a dark room. But nothing has actually changed except the public's perception of what the same spineless hosts touted as the greatest thing since sliced bread. That is how they roll. They build people up only to tear them down.

I hope Barack stands by his pastor. Whether he believes in everything he says or not is inconsequential. I know many Christians who believe everything Jesus said yet their actions would suggest otherwise. I hear Hillary say she is for women's rights, yet she kisses the cheek of Arafat's wife who keeps women in burqas. So let's be careful not to throw the baby out with the bath water.

The best part of the recent media hype surrounding Barack Obama and Jeremiah Wright is now we may enjoy pastors preaching messages that have to be bleeped.

We've come a long way baby.

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