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The excitement and rage experienced at a cage fight reminds me a lot of the enthusiasm I hear coming from the supporters of Hillary and Barack in their contest for the Democratic nomination. The venom spewing from Hillary, countered by the honey flowing from Barack, has produced better TV viewing than we have seen in a long time. The only thing that could be better would be to see Barack respond in kind to Hillary.

The last Democratic debate brought tears to my eyes as I watched Hillary show her female side by grumbling about the favorable media coverage Barack has received. I guess Hillary now has a taste of how it must feel to be a Republican. God forbid she win the White House and have to endure the media treatment George Bush has been given. We would have to replace every lamp in the White House. Can you see her whining at a White House press conference like she did at the debate?

The unraveling of Hillary like a cheap suit while Barack continues to be one cool cat is sad to watch. Nothing much seems to affect Barack. When he showed up on the scene a year ago, the Los Angeles Times referred to him as the "magic negro." That has been changed to the "Teflon" Democrat. Nothing seems to stick to this guy. I remember the day, not long ago, I was having breakfast at the Mayflower Hotel when Barack strolled in with his entourage. You would have thought Muhammad Ali had just arrived. He made an entrance fit for a king ... or a president.

The Clinton war machine, with slimy Gen. Mark Penn in command, hit Barack with everything it had. The "kitchen sink" strategy. Barack is portrayed by the Clinton machine as a drug-dealing, plagiarist Muslim dressed in Somali garb who took his oath of office on a Quran and employs despicable tactics while campaigning for president. And while some of the claims were true, none had any effect on the rising star of Obama.

Oh what I would have paid to be a fly on the wall in the strategy meetings with the Clintonistas.

One minute the handlers are telling Hillary to talk about how honored she is to be on the same stage with Barack and in the next breath telling her to challenge his tactics. Call him out. Man up, Barack, against the manhood of Hillary. Cry a little; scream a little. Use everything you've got Hillary. What a joke.

Hillary is so hungry for power and so desperate to win this nomination, her ability to lie and distort knows no bounds. ICE agents do not leave infants on the couch after arresting illegal parents, Hillary. Our troops are succeeding in Iraq. Hillary never embraced NAFTA? She was secretly against the trade agreement her husband was so proud of? Right!

I only wish Hillary and her Democratic minions had as much of a desire for victory in Iraq as they do in winning the White House, but they don't. If Hillary needs to throw the troops, her party, her husband, her friends and the truth under the bus, she is willing to do so in order to return to 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue.

This primary election has become a spectator sport with fans cheering their team on to victory without any regard for the damage that may be incurred as a result of the process or ultimate success. It appears just as long as their candidate wins; that is all that counts. It is sad when voters vote for people versus voting for the principles that guide those people.

So I suggest Barack maintain the high road he established early on in the process if he hopes to win. He need not lower himself to the politics of personal destruction the Clintons have perfected into an art form. He should continue to offer the cordial, dismissive smile to Hillary that has served him well.

He has no need to talk about Hillary's soiled past of the missing billing records or dubious campaign contributions from $10-an-hour Chinese dishwashers. Barack should ignore the Clinton pardons to terrorists of the FLN or fugitives at large like Marc Rich. Hey, come on. There are a lot of people who turn $1,000 into $100,000 in cattle futures.

Juan McCain would be well served to shut up and ignore the Obama/Clinton cat fight altogether. They will inflict more damage on each other than McCain ever could. At this stage of the game, McCain should save his best shots for when the campaign actually counts. McCain must realize it would require the suspension of disbelief to see a Clinton victory in this contest so he should save "the goods" for when Hillary leaves the stage kicking, fighting and ultimately crying in March.

This ultimate cage fight is rather entertaining and very educational as to just how mentally ill the Democratic Party has become. I wonder how long the screaming, seldom-seen chairman of the Democratic Party, Howard Dean, will allow this demolition derby to continue. One can only hope long enough for the party to destroy itself under the weight of the ego and pride coming from the Clinton camp. If the DNC wants a chance to use the drapes it measured for last summer, the fighting must stop soon.

One can never count the Clintons out. Short of seeing a wooden stake being driven directly through the heart of their political machine, they will always come back from the dead. But as long as Obama continues to receive the affirmative action treatment from the media, he will more than likely secure the nomination. But I doubt Hillary, Bill, Mark Penn or Harold Ickes will go away quietly. So drivers ...

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