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The gospel according the Rev. Al Sharpton and Rev. Jesse Jackson says, "Thou shall not call any Rutgers Women's basketball players 'nappy-headed ho.'" To do so requires the immediate termination of the offender. Loss of income is divine absolution in the Al and Jesse gospel.

However, when a female sportscaster references the Son of God with a foul four-letter word, no sin has been committed in the eyes of Al and Jesse. In the eyes of these "men of the cloth," the use of such a verb is well within the mercy provisions of their doctrine.

A reportedly juiced Dana Jacobson of ESPN was speaking at a celebrity roast in Atlantic City, N.J. when she uncorked a rant filled with "F"-bombs against Notre Dame and Jesus. A rant that would make even the most hardened partygoer cringe. But not Al or Jesse.

"My remarks about Notre Dame were foolish and insensitive. I respect all religions and did not mean anything derogatory by my poorly chosen words," said Ms. Jacobson.

Is she joking? Notice the apology to Notre Dame but the complete failure to mention anything about Jesus. She respects all religions? O.K., right.

I would encourage Ms. Jacobson to refer to Muhammad in the same fashion, and let's see how long ESPN keeps her on the air. Let's see just how many members of the religion of peace would idly stand by and do nothing. Maybe she could refer to the gals at Rutgers with a nice little "F--- the nappy-headed hos" and see if no offense is taken. Give me a break; Al and Jesse would be all over it.

There is out-and-out hostility to anything Christian in America today. Preachers sit back and silently accept this and even shy away, much like the apostle Peter not wanting to be associated with Jesus when he was sent to Pilate. Al and Jesse will defend basketball players but not the one who bled and died for them? How about the members of the reverends' congregations?

I commend Bill Donohue of the Catholic League for speaking up and pressing ESPN for an appropriate apology and response for these clearly derogatory and hate-filled statements. Donohue contends the response so far "fails on several counts," and he is right.

Therefore, maybe Al and Jesse should demand the immediate termination of Jacobson for her reprehensible remarks like as they did with Don Imus. Bigotry of this kind cannot be tolerated by men like Jackson and Sharpton. I thought they were the watchmen of hate speech in America. Appropriate sacrifice must be offered by ESPN and Jacobson if the Al & Jesse gospel has any value.

Don't hold your breath.

We live in a time when attacking Christianity is not only acceptable, it's fashionable – even encouraged. Foul-mouthed, second-tier comedian Kathy Griffin can tell Jesus to "suck it." Dana Jacobson can tell an audience to "F--- Notre Dame, and f--- Jesus," and little is heard other than a yawn from the crowd mixed with a bit of "get over it." Do you kiss your mother with that mouth Dana? How about you, Kathy?

Dana Jacobson owes every follower of Jesus Christ a complete and unambiguous apology. What she said should be denounced by atheists, agnostics and people of faith alike. Morality clauses within contracts should be enforced. I am not calling for the firing of Jacobson as the reverends did of Imus; that would be over the top. But hey Al and Jesse, if you love Jesus, should you not defend Him?

I know Jesus and the true gospel are entirely capable of defending themselves. The truth will always win out over the garbage we see in the public arena, but enough is enough. It is time to say no to this open trashing of Christianity in a country that was founded on Christian and biblical principles.

I hope and pray for a day in America when we hold sacred the traditions and values of days past. Call me old fashioned, but I will never get used to the trashing of God, Jesus, the church or believers of any faith.

I guess Al and Jesse couldn't find an angle that would allow them to hold someone up for a nice pay day in this attack on Christianity or get them on TV. If they had you can assure yourself Al would have been pounding the drum to get Jacobson fired. I guess Al and Jesse love controversy and money a bit more than the Savior of the world.

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