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This week the U.S. Supreme Court will decide the legal rights of the terrorism suspects held in our military detention center in Guantanamo Bay, Cuba. I could save the courts and the country a lot of time and money on this one.

I don't know about you, but I have a hard time with terrorism and legal rights being used in the same sentence, but that is where the left has taken this country. We now want to offer legal rights to those who would kill innocent women and children to bring about pleasure in the heart of their god – Allah.

While some of the detainees want rights, others are fighting their release. Ahmed Belbacha does not want to be shipped to Algeria by the U.S. government. We are willing to release this "suspect," which I think is a terrible idea, and he doesn't want to leave. Abu Abdul Rauf Zalita is seeking to block his transfer to Libya. Mohammed Abdul Rahman is begging a federal judge to block shipment of his terrorist butt to Tunisia.

These three fine gentlemen all claim the same reasoning for an extended stay at Gitmo. It would be a violation of their human rights to be released from Gitmo to these countries. Why? They will be "tortured." Hey wait a minute. If you check with Keith Olbermann, Chris Matthews or the wing nuts on the left, they are being tortured at Gitmo. Apparently Ahmed, Abu and Mohammed like the "torture" at Gitmo better. Maybe it is the lemon chicken with rice pilaf they will miss. Or the clean bedding and showers. You know, all the "torture" techniques our soldiers are using on these poor, misunderstood terrorists.

We have gone off the deep end on this issue in the name of political correctness. These are enemy combatants who want to kill us. I keep hearing that we have to treat them nicely so we will be treated nicely if they capture us. I guess when they behead us it will be with one swift slice of a sharp sword versus the slow sawing with a dull knife Nick Berg received. These folks don't play by rules.

Look, I know we can never stoop to the level of behavior exhibited by terrorists. We are a nation of laws and must abide by them. But to warp and distort laws to the point where they have no value to stop terrorists is suicide. Do we really think if our system of law grants the detainees a second chance, they will change their ways and stop the support and participation in killing innocent victims in the name of Jihad?

So I have a simple solution to the detainee dilemma at Gitmo. Execute them all. And no, I am not kidding. This is the only way to assure these death-motivated folks will never hurt anyone again. If they die as martyrs, they get their reward from Allah anyway. This will eliminate the chance of torture if sent to another country or anymore horrendous treatment at Gitmo. Heck, I think it is such a good solution, I would be more than happy to pay for the injections.

Or we can release them one-by-one to Hillary, Harry, Joe, Barak, John and the other liberals. They can sponsor the terrorists on the pathway to becoming American citizens. The terrorists can work in their homes, in their offices and become part of the lives of the liberal left. The liberals have so much concern for these folks, they should have no problem taking responsibility for their future actions. Terrorists can be taught how the Democrats will take care of their every need, and Democrats will have another group totally dependent on them.

You know as well as I do the same folks who want to grant rights to the terrorists would not want these low-lifes in their homes, much less around their families. They know their children and friends would be in harm's way and would likely be killed by these terrorists who hate us. And on that note, I could care less why they hate us. They do, and that is good enough for me given terrorists' track record of killing innocents civilians they hate. So eliminating them from planet earth makes sense.

Call me tough, mean, bigoted, unrealistic, unfair, un-Christian – whatever you like. Peace through strength is our only hope. You either stop evil or you appease it long enough to strike again. Not me. Not when my family and country can be the next victims of some insane social experiment.

They are like pedophiles. If they hurt a child, they need to be separated from the society so they can never hurt again. However, we let pedophiles back on the streets to hurt again and again. Let's not make the same mistake with terrorists. Execution is cost effective and efficient.

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