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I appreciate CNN, and its fine staff of producers and writers, for the Republican BoobTube debate they produced last week. The questions, the questioners and the answers informed the public about the real choices available from the Republican Party.
Television organizations are for-profit ventures, and seeding the debates with operatives from the Democratic Party was sheer genius. CNN broke all previous records with more than 5 million viewers of the BoobTube debate. Every Republican should be grateful, for now 5 million Americans know this group of candidates is capable of answering ridiculous questions from the left.

Does anyone in America really care about the Stars and Bars? Most people have forgotten about the Stars and Bars much like the "Dukes of Hazzard," but that would have been a great question to ask the slip-and-fall attorney John Edwards at the Democratic BoobTube debate. I would love to hear Hillary's take on the Bible and whether she believes every word like, "Thou shall not kill." Might cause a problem with your pals Marian Wright Edelman and Patricia Ireland on the abortion issue, hey Hillary?

I think CNN did everything they could to make the Republicans look like Bible-thumping, gun-toting hayseeds with a combined I.Q. of 50. They failed and failed miserably. Short of the stumble by Mitt Romney and the buffoonery of Ron Paul, each Republican candidate answered these stupid questions. Answers derived from principles, not polls. Answers to questions treated with both respect and dignity while deserving neither.

My favorite part of the debate was when the now-famous, retired, out-of-the-closet Hillary supporter was asked by Anderson Cooper whether he got an answer to his question about gays serving in the military.

He told Cooper he did not. Really? Each one of the candidates, again short of Romney stumbling a bit, gave a clear and unambiguous answer... no! The current leftover Clinton policy of "don't ask, don't tell" is working just fine and should not be changed. Hey general, you got an answer; you just didn't like it. That is why he is working with a steering committee on Hillary's team to get her husband's policy changed. Republicans are as clear on this issue as most sane-thinking Americans.

I was surprised when the woman dressed in Islamic garb did not ask the candidates' opinion on the calls for a death sentence out of the Sudan because a teacher allowed her students to name a teddy bear Muhammad. Instead, she asked about America's image with the Muslim world. Is she kidding me? An American Muslim from Huntsville, Ala., is concerned about our image with Muslims when her friends in the Sudan would like to beat, imprison and even execute a woman because of an innocent classroom vote? Let me see ... waterboarding or beating and death? I'll take waterboarding, thank you. I guess the Muslims calling for the death of Gillian Gibbons are concerned for Mohammed's 6-year-old wife A'isha. She must be very confused in "paradise" right now if her teddy bear, or any teddy bear, were named after her husband. The Muslims' compassion knows no bound. Ahh … the "religion of peace."

CNN is great at asking stupid questions. That is without challenge. But why not ask candidates about health care, energy policy, national defense, taxes, stem-cell research or any of the dozens of issues that really matter to the average citizen? I can only speculate, but I am confident you know the real reason.

While the masses are screaming foul at CNN, I applaud them. They proved beyond a shadow of a doubt anyone, short of Ron Paul, on the Republican side can do a great job leading this country. Just not the way CNN and its left-wing pals would like. I can only hope there will be more BoobTube debates sponsored by CNN.

So I hope my friends in the Republican Party and the conservative movement in America stop complaining about the bias and manipulation of the CNN format. This debate is a clear illustration of just what is at stake in this election. The plants in future audiences are no longer limited to the dirty tricks reserved, until now, for the Clinton campaign. It is now open season.

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