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Two "fine and patriotic" Americans, Mark Cuban and Brian De Palma, have produced an epic documentary, "Redacted" chronicling the stellar performance of American troops fighting a thankless war in Iraq.

The screenplay, apparently written by Rep. John Murtha and Sen. John Kerry, depicts the rape and murder of a 14-year-old Iraqi girl as she and her family are terrorized by out of control, bloodthirsty Americans. With all the sensitivity inherent in a De Palma work, the viewers are tortured beyond anything a detainee at Gitmo has ever endured. I would prefer waterboarding to this movie.

Thankfully, America has completely and unequivocally rejected the tripe these two have brought to the silver screen. In its opening weekend, "Redacted" earned $25,628 while "Beowulf" earned $27,515,871. Only 15 theaters were insane enough to carry the Cuban/De Palma fiasco. Theaters around the country earned $8,100 per screen for "Beowulf" while "Redacted" only earned $1,708 per screen. But this will not stop the entrepreneurial spirit of a man like Mark Cuban.

Cuban and De Palma see a huge market far outside the borders of this country – the country that has provided them a life most of us only dream about. DVD sales in countries like Iran, Syria, Jordan and Venezuela, just to name a few, will be brisk I am sure. Cuban and his partner will make millions while fueling a hatred for American troops far worse than Abu Ghraib and Gitmo combined. I wonder if MSNBC's Keith Olbermann and Chris Mathews will point that out to all 150 Code Pink, Moveon.org and The World Can't Wait viewers who tune in nightly for their anti-American rants.

Will the left hold Cuban/De Palma accountable for the hatred this film will create toward America?

Are you kidding me? They will be lionized and glorified as brave Americans merely attempting to get the "truth" to the masses. Fact is Cuban and De Palma are nothing more than "slut for buck" charlatans who will have the blood of innocent Americans on their hands.

"Redacted" was based on an isolated event. The men involved with this tragedy were charged, tried and sentenced for the crimes committed. They are all serving life sentences and rightfully so. But Mr. Cuban seems to care far less about justice or the facts than he does in fueling hatred towards our troops. If I hear one more time that opportunists like this "support the troops," I am going to get sick. If this is supporting the troops, please stop. Your support, Mr. Cuban, is going to get people killed!

"Redacted" is a box office failure. That is a fact. Even Olbermann's nonstop promotion of this piece of trash could not get real Americans to the theater. But the damage this film can produce will be felt for decades. It will become part of every Hezbollah, Hamas and al-Qaida training film from this day forward. It will be used in the madrassas to feed anti-American hatred – hatred that will result in young Muslim boys and girls strapping bombs to their bodies to fight the "evil" Cuban and De Palma have created. Both these guys should be given 10-year stays on the shuffleboard court at Gitmo.

Maybe Cuban and De Palma should make a film about the American ships, filled with relief supplies, medicine and personnel sailing to Bangladesh the moment news arrived that it was hit by a devastating cyclone. Or the countless stories of how American troops have saved the lives of Iraqis. Maybe a picture about the goodness this nation exhibits 99.9 percent of the time. The .1 percent is ugly, but it is not who we are as a nation. Yet Bush haters and the anti-war group want the world to think the .1 percent is representative of the whole.

I hope Mr. Cuban and Mr. De Palma change their minds and retract "Redacted." Remove it from the screens. Do not release it on DVD to be used as a weapon against America. Do the right thing. Maybe then they'll have a chance of redeeming themselves from the certain answers they will have to provide to those who are harmed by their reckless deeds.

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