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Our Founding Fathers had tremendous wisdom and foresight. That wisdom may be the only salvation from "El Presidente Boosh" and his crusade to legalize 12 million lawbreakers through the passage of the Secure Borders, Economic Opportunity and Immigration Reform Act of 2007.

The Founders acknowledged the need for the division of powers between the Senate and the House of Representatives and, therefore, chose to elect senators who would serve a 6-year term while members of the House serve 2-year terms. This caused members of Congress to listen closely to the folks they represented, knowing full well the same folks would be voting to re-elect them or send them back to private life every two years.

The recent Memorial Day recess allowed Congress to spend time at home, and boy did they ever get an ear-full from their constituents about this "amnesty" bill. "Presidente Boosh" added to the noise by publicly stating that, "Anyone calling the bill 'amnesty' is just trying to scare the American people." Señor Boosh, I strongly disagree. Now that you have categorized people like me and many Republican congressmen as fear mongers, I think you are going to be hard-pressed to get the votes you need to pass this dangerous legislation.

While this bill may have well sailed through the Senate, I don't think it has a chance in the House. Thus, my personal thanks to the Founders for requiring a majority in the House to pass legislation. It would require a large number of votes in favor of the bill from House Republicans, and that is just not going to happen. Thankfully so, this bill is bad news.

One of the most destructive sections of this bill is Title VI – The "Nonimmigrants in the U.S. previously in unlawful status." It creates a new "Z" visa exclusively for illegal aliens. This grants immediate amnesty to 12 to 20 million illegals in the country – a 450 percent increase over the 2.7 million illegals who received amnesty in 1986.

This amnesty would also be extended under Sec.602(g)(2) to gang members currently in the country illegally. The notorious MS-13 gang members being welcomed to live in America? For what? To do the jobs Americans won't do? I think the Crips and Bloods do a fine job terrorizing our communities on their own.

This bill is not comprehensive immigration reform – it is comprehensive crap.

The Senate and "El Presidente Boosh" have wasted a lot of time and money crafting this bill, which does nothing to secure the border – the very first step in any real reform. Until we enforce the rule of law with existing laws, new laws are meaningless. Why should anyone, including illegals, believe we will enforce a new law if we ignore the old ones? But the Senate promises enforcement THIS time. They must be kidding.

Let's get serious. We need migrant labor in this country to continue to grow the economy and keep prices reasonable. I have farmer friends in the Yuma Valley that tell me, unless we want to pay $10 a head for lettuce, they need cheap labor on a seasonal basis. So a viable guest worker program with enforcement is a must. But to allow 12 to 20 million illegals, and another four million over the next 10 years, to work, live and receive benefits in this country is insane.

If by chance Señor Boosh can con 70 of the congressmen he claims are scaring the American people to vote for this sham, then may I suggest "El Presidente" add two more names to the 12 million that would receive amnesty: Agent Ignacio Ramos and Agent Jose Alonso Compean. Two border patrol agents who are rotting in American prisons for keeping the border secure. The same border Señor Boosh claims is so important to protect.

Señor Boosh apparently believes the agents committed a crime or else he would have pardoned them or commuted the sentences by now. Twelve million illegals committed crimes, and he wants them to be forgiven. Don’t Ramos and Compean deserve the same? They even have Hispanic last names so they will blend right in, "El Presidente."

I have great faith that the Founders saved the day on this issue 231 years ago. Congress should, and will, vote this bill down. Sixty-six percent of Americans recently said they want the borders secured, and they want the laws currently on the books enforced. Congress has a simple job. Once this bill is defeated, a new bill should be introduced. It could be two simple paragraphs; not 380 pages of bureaucratic nonsense. Secure the border, and enforce the law. Simple.

Now that the people have spoken, it is up to Congress to act – enforce the law, and secure the borders. So simple even a politician could do it. The Founders knew enforcing laws produced results. Thank goodness they did. Now it is up to Congress to "just say no" to "El Presidente."

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