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U.S Citizens Must Take Bold Action ...
Because Our President Simply Won't!

March 4, 2014

There is a great deal of similarity between what is going on today and what happened 35 years ago that is very important to consider.

In 1979, several events simultaneously occurred that had a profound impact on the markets as well as world history. I would suggest the world changed for the worse in 1979 and the events of 2014 will add on to that deterioration.

In 1979, Americans were taken hostage at the embassy in Tehran, Iran and held captive for 444 days as a direct result of the anemic response from then President Jimmy Carter. His weakness signaled to the world that America as a whole was weak and would not demand a return of her people.

When we finally elected a strong president, Ronald Reagan, the hostages were being released as he was sworn in.


Iran knew there would be a clear price to pay if their actions continued under strong American foreign policy.

In the same time period, the U.S.S.R. invaded Afghanistan. Russian troops stormed through the mountains with the clear intention of seizing Iran and the vast fortunes of oil that lay under its land. Russia would also gain a strategic foothold in one of the most mineral rich regions of the world.

What did Carter do?


In response to his inaction, oil rose dramatically and the price of gold exploded to over $800 an ounce.


The world lost confidence in the ability of America to lead the free world back to normalcy. President Carter was not willing to draw a line and back it up. He just wanted to talk.

Shortly after taking office, Ronald Reagan stopped all the talk and took action. He equipped and trained a force that repelled the aggression and Russia was sent packing by the the Afghani military, the Mujahedin and the people. By 1981, prices were back to normal levels and the world back to stability; ushering in two decades of prosperity.

Today, we have more of the same lack of leadership.

Syria killed 200,000 civilians in a bloody civil war last year. Mr. Obama drew the famous "red line" and then did nothing in response. Ultimately Russia came in and allegedly forced Syria to give up its chemical stockpiles claiming they could rid the world of the serious danger those chemicals represented in the hands of a butcher like Assad.

So far less than 10-percent of the chemicals have been destroyed and our president stays quiet. Russia played Mr. Obama and his team like a fiddle. Assad is still in power and still has 90-percent of his chemical weapons.

Iran is moving at light speed toward nuclear capability as Mr. Obama has reduced the previously imposed, stiff sanctions to worthless threats; potentially allowing a known state sponsor of terrorism to acquire nukes. All while beating up on our only ally in the region, Israel, instructing the country to make peace with the Palestinians while not protecting itself against the Iranian Mullahs. Thank goodness Netantyahu is a strong leader. He will do what is necessary to keep his country safe.

Starting Thursday, Russia invaded the Crimea with full intention of taking over Ukraine. Russia, by itself, is only a country. With Ukraine it is an empire again!

How did our president react?

He gave a 3 minute speech and then drove 30 minutes across town to a Democratic fundraiser and started Happy Hour. Meanwhile, Putin is sending tens of thousands of troops to regain his empire. What a stark contrast … Obama yuks it up with his liberal pals and donors while Putin takes decisive military action.

In addition to the tensions in Ukraine, China is building a "blue-water" Navy, spending billions on defense and signing natural resource deals with many of our not-so-friendly world powers.

And the response from Mr. Obama and his Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel?

Huge cut in our military spending so funds can be diverted to social spending on food stamps, unemployment insurance, Medicaid/Medicare, welfare, section 8 housing and all the other socialist hand outs for which this administration is famous. Cuts that will take our military spending to levels below those after World War II.

How short a memory we have of Benghazi. Once again our feckless president lied to the American people, blaming a video for the slaughter of a U.S. Ambassador and three CIA agents. He still made it to a fundraiser in Las Vegas the next day and sent out one of his flunkies to perpetuate the lie on the Sunday news programs. He knew, within hours of the attack, it was a planned … not a spontaneous demonstration and subsequent violence based on a video. And once again, he stood idly by as our enemies rejoiced.

Let me tell you something … Americans may not be worried but they damn well should be! The world is worried and it shows. Oil is up $3/a barrel, gold is up $32/an ounce and stock markets around the world are rapidly dropping.

This displays what a world lacking strong leadership from the leader of the free world looks like and what lack of determined actions produce … fear, confusion and lack of confidence.

The world abhors a vacuum. Especially of leadership. There is certainly none to be found in Mr. Obama. I am thoroughly convinced Putin is getting ready to fill that vacuum. This is not some delusional rant. This is being stated by some of our finest military and political leaders in America. Analysts who understand that the world is not static, that power and leadership are constantly changing from the hands of the weak into the strong.

That is why America used to be great. We would not allow evil forces to crush liberty and allow mass killing of civilians. We have always protected freedom and liberty. However that all changed in January 2009 when Mr. Obama took office.

Because the president waits, you can no longer wait; especially when it comes to taking action to protect you assets. This administration is intentionally weakening our nation at a time when we should be exhibiting strength and leadership. It is allowing instability to fester all over the world at a time when we need someone to stop it in its tracks, before it is too late.

If you have not yet purchased a protection position in gold and silver … DO IT NOW! Don't hesitate, don't deliberate. Don't procrastinate.

TAKE ACTION! As long as we have a president who will not take action, you must!

Craig Smith

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