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The Federal government is now in the business of abusing children, and business is good.

Think about what Mr. Obama, Harry Reid, and Nancy Pelosi are asking of our children. They are saddling them with $17 trillion in immediate debt and over $100 trillion in long term liabilities. They also want them to provide health care for the very people who buried them in this mountain of debt.

Talk about abuse!

How in the world can any leader in Washington D.C. look in the mirror and be comfortable with what is looking back? They should be ashamed enough to stop their wanton, wasteful spending and start cutting instead. Spending levels should be reduced to a point were we have to ask the minimum from our young people, which will still be a heck of a lot more than was asked from us.

For the first time, in my opinion, we are going to hand our nation to the next generation in worse shape than it was handed to us. The government, all parties included, have allowed spending to reach outrageous levels never justified in a million years. But make no mistake about it, with Harry Reid and Barack Obama it is only going to get worse.

There are over a dozen proposed plans that would not only balance our budget but reduce the debt to zero over the next 10 to 15 years. The “Penny” plan would have been our best option. Even the original “Ryan” budget would have done so very effectively. However, Reid wouldn't allow this plan, passed by the House, to even come to the Senate floor for a vote. He is a tyrant of the worse kind: masquerading as a leader wanting “what's best for the people.” He is a liar. Every Democrat should be ashamed of the charlatan running the Senate.

If I were a young person, innocent of this wastefulness, I would tell this government to take their debt and shove it. How dare they burden young, healthy kids with high health care premiums to pay for the very scoundrels who have abused them? It's akin to telling an abused child that not only will their abuser not be punished for their wrong doing but their abuser's future expenses must be covered by, you guessed it, you!

Is this what we have become as a nation?

Michelle Obama travels the country touting her programs allegedly designed to improve the health of our youth while her husband buries them in more debt. I guess the kids will have to be healthy to pay the bill. Must keep the ox well so he can plow more land and not resist the crack of the whip when the farmer says, "Pull harder. Pull faster. Pull longer."

We need a revolution in America, one that starts with the youth of America. They need to rise up and say no! Young people who will not allow the government's mistakes to malign their futures. Young people who will remind the loose money politicians that this is not the America handed to them by their forefathers. Why should it be the America handed to their children?

I know what I am offering here is going to make a lot of people mad, and I couldn't care less. I learned long ago government is not going to take care of my children. Progressives like Reid and Obama see our kids as nothing more than modern day slaves who will work for decades and pay, with the sweat of their brow, for the misdeeds of idiots like Reid and Obama.

That is why I started to put away assets of real value for my children years ago that will give them a fighting chance against a government who looks at them as nothing more than a source of revenue.

Congress should be working on ways to clean up this mess so our children can live free, as our founders intended. Instead they find ways to play games, change rules, stack courts, and make a mockery of a system that has become so perverted it looks nothing like what our forefathers intended.

Even though the progressives bear 95% of the responsibility, let's not forget the beginnings of runaway welfare spending under Wilson, FDR, and LBJ. You can't have a welfare state with a gold standard, so Richard Nixon closed the gold window and effectively took us off the gold standard in 1972. George W. Bush also did little to stop the madness by never lifting a pen to veto massive democratic spending, allowing our debt to reach over $8 trillion. There is plenty of blame to go around; however, Obama has added more debt than all the presidents who came before him combined, including Bush to the tune of $17 trillion.

Obama and Reid have called for the progressive accelerator to be pushed to the floor. Full speed ahead. More government. More spending. More taxes and fees. More regulation.

Abusing anyone is wrong. I believe the leaders who continue to vote for larger government and more spending, driving our children deeper and deeper into debt, should be arrested for child abuse.

And then, just maybe, we leave the next generation a fighting chance to live as free men and women. If not, America will raise a generation of modern slaves. There may be no whips or chains, but freedom and liberty will be but a distant memory. For decades they will labor under the yoke of something they did not create, did not benefit from, and did not want.

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