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The thick cloud of uncertainty hanging over the country originates far beyond the hallowed halls of Washington politics or the White House. Roots of this darkness are so deep, a new dawn is almost inconceivable – especially with Barack Obama residing at 1600 Pennsylvania Ave.

The promised hope and change has quickly succumbed to high unemployment, foreclosures, millions on food stamps and an overall sense that the best is behind us, not ahead. We all wonder how this could have happened to a once great nation, and how in the world we are going to get things turned around.

Difficult times are not a new phenomenon in America. We have had hard times before. So why is there such a sense of hopelessness and gloom throughout the land this time?

Barack Hussein Obama.

He doesn't believe in America and her greatness. Oh, he may say so in his teleprompter-scripted speeches, but he surely doesn't believe what he is saying. Otherwise, his actions would be far different. He would not be siccing the National Labor Relations Board on Boeing to stop thousands of new jobs. He wouldn't have force fed us a 2,300-page health-care bill, adding massive burdens on business. The Dodd-Frank bill, which cripples growth in America, would never have received Mr. Obama's signature if he truly believed in the country.

But it is not his fault!

That's right. I am defending the president. He is merely a product of his environment.

Mr. and Mrs. Obama were indoctrinated by their "preacher," Jeremiah Wright, early on. They were taught that America is a mean nation – a nation that has oppressed its people and a nation with the blood of innocents on its hands from decades of war.

This "pastor" married the first couple and baptized their girls. The Obama family faithfully attended and sat under Wright's tutelage for two decades.

Wright made sure to remind his congregation over and over that anything bad happening to America is not only justified but deserved. Wright would hold his Bible in the air and scream, "God damn America. It is in the Bible." We all know it is not. Quite the opposite. But said enough times, it becomes reality to a congregation.

It is like raising a child. A child can only be told he is bad so many times before he becomes bad – if for no other reason than to achieve the expectation placed upon him. Mr. Obama has been taught over and over that America is a bad nation and deserves punishment. It has become part of this president's fiber.

Black liberation theology is all about hating America. Hate, anger and even violence spew from the pulpits of Rev. Wright and Father Pflager. They squeal with the glee of revenge each time America bleeds.

In the '70s, Bill Ayers and Bernardine Dohrn bombed the federal buildings and police stations of this nation and harmed fellow Americans in an attempt to teach us a lesson for our evil deeds. They employed violence to fundamentally change America. And they failed – right up until hope and change came in 2008. Now their like-minded president is fulfilling a campaign promise to "fundamentally change America" in a more covert manner. But it's not for the better.

However, it's not his fault.

Poor Mr. Obama is a product of his influences like Saul Alinksy who wanted to bring America to her knees. Obama even hired a secretary of state who hails Alinsky as her hero. This allegiance, coupled with a study of Rev. Wright's hero, James Cohen, has taken its toll on BHO.

So is there any surprise when we see Mr. Obama stand by and watch America suffer?

Is it any wonder why our president does not talk about a city on a hill full of greatness, a land with the hardest working, most benevolent people on earth. He can't! He has been taught to believe just the opposite! His own wife publicly stated, "America is a downright, mean nation." She encouraged her husband to pursue a global apology tour demeaning the very nation he leads.

Don't be shocked by a president who talks about jobs and then adopts new regulations hampering employment, or a president who moves to help the states of the United States recover and then sues those states for defending their citizens, or one who encourages people to look for work and sends them food stamps and unemployment checks. People want jobs, not handouts.

How in the world can we expect people to invest in business when the president broke every bankruptcy law on the books and wiped out investors in Chrysler to punish the "fat cats"? In doing so, he rewarded the union thugs at the United Auto Workers. What about the favors he has paid to SEIU that have moved employers (job creators) from offense to defense?

This president is the most anti-business, anti-growth leader we have ever had. He has a visceral disdain for big business and honest profits. He openly demonizes the very source of desperately needed jobs. He makes no secret that he wants to make business pay more to redeem itself from its capitalist ways.

Why? Because his training demands you take from the haves to give to the have-nots. Spread the wealth. Redistribute it to make life "more fair." Level the playing field.

Hatred, anger and a desire for revenge can be a very blinding force. It can transform businesses that provide jobs and contribute good to our society into evil incarnate when a man like Mr. Obama is setting the discourse.

We need a leader who loves America and believes in her greatness, not some pie-in-the-sky, green jobs program dreamer. We need a leader who believes that less government, lower tax rates for all citizens and fewer regulations are essential if we are going to grow our way back to greatness. Americans need leader who does everything possible to encourage his people and to make them believe in themselves.

Mr. Obama is acting out his learned behavior, which has been so deeply ingrained by true haters of America that breaking it will not come easily. His radical thoughts are steeped in a desire for the destruction of America, and his education is from men and women who truly believe America is evil and must be destroyed. This has been pounded into this president even by the woman who gave him life. He believes we are bad because people he respects told him so.

Therefore, because we who believe in God are called to pray for our leaders, my prayer for Mr. Obama is, "Father, forgive him. He knows not what he does. Allow your light to illuminate the darkness that surrounds America, and bring back your blessing on a nation with millions who love you."


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