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Barack Obama is back on the campaign trail in full "promise the world, deliver nothing" mode. Barack, the campaigner, senses the need to again dupe the folks. November 2012 is coming quickly.

He is now channeling Sarah Palin with his "Drill Baby, Drill" mantra. Yet it was the real Barack Obama who shut down drilling in the entire gulf after the BP spill.

In the spirit of Paul Ryan, he promised to cut the budget deficits in half while on the 2008 campaign trail. Instead, he tripled the deficits once he took over the Oval Office, adding $3 trillion of additional debt. And it came as naturally to him as chomping on the Waygu beef he has for dinner each night. The New York Times heralds his spending as courageous without mentioning it is another promise broken.

In the spirit of Hillary, he vowed to bring bipartisan health-care changes to America. These changes would bring down costs making it affordable to all Americans, rich and poor. It would allow citizens to keep their doctors, all without adding "a single dime" to the national debt. What he delivered was an extremely partisan bill complete with 2,300 pages of fine print, which has already sent insurance premiums skyrocketing. It's a bill with a clearly unconstitutional mandate forcing Americans to buy insurance and setting up insurance pools bound to eliminate our choice of doctors. It also ensures trillions of dollars in additional debt for future generations.

In the spirit of Ross Perot, he promised to focus like a laser on jobs and silence that sucking sound of those jobs leaving America during the economic meltdown of 2008. He assured us 100 percent of his attention would go to creating the jobs lost due to "Bush's mishandling of the economy." Then he empowered his NRLB to stop Boeing from filling a $2 billion facility in the South with thousands of new workers to please his union buddies. Since he took office we've lost another 3 million jobs.

Shall I go on?

He promised to close Gitmo, yet it is still open. Thank God. He would bring the troops home, but has instead increased troop levels in our overseas entanglements. He would stop "torture," but that torture he condemned led to his greatest achievement, the killing of Osama bin Laden. Apparently a clean head shot is a humane punishment to him when it ensures he receives more votes.

But the best of all is what this divine leader promised to the nation of Israel. When running in 2008, he made his commitment "clear" to the nation of Israel that he would not waiver and always stand by her side. Now Israel has much in common with Rev. Jeremiah Wright and Mr. Obama's grandmother. Talk about being thrown under the bus.

I wonder what number of the 90 percent of the Jewish community who voted for him in 2008 will again vote for BHO in 2012. I suspect 89.5 percent, a phenomenon which has most us scratching our heads. One would think breaking a promise that may cause a sovereign nation's citizens to suffer continued violence and even death would be enough even for the diehard Obamaites of the Jewish faith to rethink their votes. I guess not.

I am so grateful that for the first time in American history, and surely the first time in Mr. Obama's life, he was told no. Bibi will not sell out his country, Israel, as Mr. Obama is willing to do with America. Netanyahu drew a line in the sand and refused to budge. Netanyahu turned protocol upside down, lectured a sitting president in the Oval Office and then clearly refused to take a presidential directive.

I would love to have been a fly on the wall in the Oval Office during the meeting. The subsequent photo op was tense, to say the least. America wants to stand with her friend, Israel, and Netanyahu reminded the child president of that reality. Our nation will stand by the only true democracy in the Middle East.

But ...

It is campaign time. Mr. Obama knows he can promise whatever anyone wants to hear never needing to deliver. It is not as if the media will point out his broken promises or remind us of how many people or nations he has thrown under the bus to please this or that group to gain a few more votes. Mr. Obama has zero concern over being seen as inconsistent or even as a man who struggles with honoring his word.

No. This is the new, transformational President Barack Hussein Obama, equipped with hope and change. The same one who tore down the wall of bigotry and racism and has now squandered all our hope, who has brought us change to the point America is no longer identifiable. He has done more to set back race relations in America than any president. And he's done all this in less than three years. It must be a record.

So expect to see the same Barack Obama today as you witnessed in 2008. He is wise enough to know if it ain't broke, don't fix it. It worked in 2008, and it will work again.

My only hope is that 50.1 percent of Americans will realize and care that he does not honor his word. He instead breaks promises, attacks our allies and criticizes his own country. But he sure can give one hell of a speech.

If actions speak louder than words, Mr. Obama has said it all.

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