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In another stellar showing of their "support for the troops," Democrats last week did more to destroy unit cohesiveness than any other single issue in U.S. military history. If this week doesn't settle once and for all the outright disdain Democrats have for the military, nothing will.

Gen. Petraeus by all accounts is a man who has dedicated his life to service to his nation. His commitment to honor is without question. Yet in two short sessions before the United States Congress (united... what a joke) Democrat interrogators attempted to reduce this fine man to nothing more than a partisan hack of the Bush administration. In their words, the general lies and cannot be trusted.

Mind you, this is the man the Congress unanimously confirmed to lead the "surge" in Iraq – the leader of the troops Democrats claim to support. They support the troops but not the mission, and now they want you to believe they support the troops but not their leader. Funny way these Dems have of showing support.

After a week of, Chris Matthews, Hillary Clinton, Barack Obama, etc. attacking him, Gen. Petraeus is tasked to return to his command in Iraq and lead the forces who have just been told their leader cannot be trusted. Is this a brilliant Democratic idea or just more evidence of the outright hatred the Dems have for the military? Democrats expect the troops to trust this man and his orders when they repeated over and over this week they don't? Even Al Franken can't make that work.

There was a glaringly important element missing from the Democratic response to Gen. Petraeus' report and President Bush's address. Not one Democrat leader or liberal commentator acknowledged any military progress. Startling given Michael O'Hanlon of the Brookings Institution reported progress in security and a marked improvement in the morale amongst the troops on his visit to Iraq. Katie Couric reported improvements on her recent trip. John McCain corrected Mitt Romney that the surge is working. Troop re-enlistment rates indicate it is. Gen. Petraeus says there is improvement. Even five-term democratic Rep. Brian Baird, who voted against the Iraq invasion, has stated that we are making progress. Yet, despite multiple reports of progress on the ground, not one acknowledgement from Democratic leadership.

Sen. Harry Reid, D-Nev., claims "by all objective measures, the surge has failed." Sounds like Harry telling us we lost the war completely back a few months ago. What is it with these Democrats? Are they really that against any progress? Do they want defeat at any cost?

If the ad portraying Gen. Petraeus as Judas and Code Pink's lack of respect for decorum with violent outbursts during the hearings doesn't prove that the Democratic Party has been hijacked by the most extreme elements on the left, nothing will. Few, if any, Democrats denounced or gave back money they received from kissing George Soros' ring. Hillary, John and Barak have all taken money and continue to do so from We are judged by the company we keep.

I guess what really startled me the most about this week was the new sixth sense the Democrats have developed for identifying the truth. They didn't even hear Gen. Petraeus speak to know he was lying. placed the ad days before his testimony. Hillary and company were giving comments before listening to one word. Tom Lantos said "I don't buy it," 15 minutes before the Gen. uttered a syllable. I found it rather appropriate that Gen. Petraeus' microphone was not working. The hearing had to recess for repairs. Why? Democrats were not going to listen anyway. They had already made up their minds. He is a liar. There was no need for a microphone.

The general took great care to establish in his first few words that he wrote his report himself and did not clear it with the Pentagon or the White House. But the ESP-equipped Dems knew better. Why with this new-found talent there should be no need for a justice system. If you are accused of a crime, just have a Democrat listen and look at the evidence, and they will be able to tell you who is guilty and who is innocent without any testimony. Heck they don't even need to look or listen. They apparently can just divine the truth. Think of all the money and time they will save us. More cash to spend on the failed social programs they so enjoy. No need for judges, courtrooms and yes… lawyers. Hallelujah!

Democrats have done a great job making the public distrustful of anything they have not ordained to be the truth. Israel struck Syria last week claiming concerns about possible nuclear activity and documented shipments of arms from Iran to Hezbollah. Syria claims it is not true, and Israel is doing to them what the U.S. did to Iraq. Now Syria, a known sponsor of terrorism, is believed by the press, and Israel, the only true democracy in the Middle East, is painted as a liar. Do those who undermine everything done to fight extremism realize the damage they do?

Let the Democrats continue to undermine all U.S. military efforts, and it is only a matter of time before there will be no need for a military. In fact, if they hold Congress and win the White House in 2008, they can disband the military. Think of the money they will save there as well. It is clear to me they see no need for a military or they wouldn't translate labeling military leaders and the commander in chief liars into support for the troops. What soldier is going to follow the orders of a liar?

In 2008, I can see it now. If Hillary is in the White House and Nancy Pelosi is speaker of a democratically-controlled Congress, the first bill they will propose is one that would require the flag to go through a complete redesign. They can drop two colors from the flag: red and blue. Once again saving money and creating a flag all Democrats, members of and Code Pink will be proud of. Hillary will proudly sign it as her first official presidential act. Surrender!

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