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The childish behavior in Madison, Wis., is appalling to the many Americans fed up with the cry babies in the Democratic Party. The whiners prefer to throw a tantrum instead of tackling the tough issues affecting us all.

Watching the elected Democrats abandon their state and constituents simply because they were not getting their way on legislation was pathetic. These Democrats were real tough when they were a majority, but they're pansies now. It is a reminder that the Democratic Party has become the party of not-so-civil disobedience, willing to shut down legal processes by any means necessary if they lose an argument or the will of the people.

Nancy Pelosi clearly heard Americans overwhelmingly reject what she was selling in the "Affordable Health Care Act." Do you think that made a difference to her? She was a spoiled brat willing to do whatever it took to get her and Mr. Obama's desired result.

She terrorized members of her own party, letting them know there would be hell to pay if they didn't vote as she demanded. So now the country has a 2,300-page bill that has increased insurance premiums, threatened the ability to keep our current plans and mandates purchase of something we may not want. Oh and by the way, she spent $105 billion of your tax dollars to do so without telling you.

With this in mind, the recent nonsense in Wisconsin should not surprise anyone. Democrats are simply acting up like a child in a restaurant. They plan to make everyone around them miserable until they get their way. They are willing to embarrass the entire state until the governor changes direction.

It ain't going to happen.

Why? Because an adult, Scott Walker, has finally told the Democrats that they could scream, yell and try and disrupt the work of the Senate all they want, but he was going to get the work done, regardless. Like a parent who finally must take the child out of the restaurant until the child is civil, Mr. Walker has drawn a line in the sand. I say, good for him. It is refreshing to see backbone return to leadership.

In America, we hold to the ideal of, "When the going gets tough, the tough get going." The new face of the Democratic Party prefers a different tactic. When the going gets tough, let's run, hide and pout. They prefer to ignore the people and jam their own desires down others' throats.

The leadership in the Democratic Party has become an embarrassment to the nation. Look no further than the leader of the Senate, Harry Reid, if you need proof. He claims $61 billion in budget cuts are "heartless"? He believes $6 billion in cuts is draconian? Is he serious?

Is cutting funding to the liberal National Public Radio heartless when the cuts represent a stipend of its overall budget? I would think cutting $327 million from Planned Parenthood, generally used to fund abortions, is a very humane cut. Not if you ask Reid.

The leader of the party, Barack Obama himself, offered $775 million in "tough" cuts in a $3.8 trillion budget. A 0.0204 percent cut is a joke. But then again, this party is a joke.

The cuts proposed by the Republican House are the first step in the long journey to fiscal sanity in our nation after years of reckless spending. Just $61 billion out of $3.8 trillion is a rounding error, but it is a start.

For years, Democrats crowed about the balanced budget under Clinton and the "surpluses" they were accumulating. One would think they would welcome cuts in the pursuit of a once-again balanced budget. Not since the party has changed. Once it got Congress back from the evil Newt, its reckless spending assured their future death grip on power.

But that death grip was broken when the people spoke through the last election.

What you see in Wisconsin is going to be repeated across the nation as state and federal agencies move to balance budgets. Expect to see a lot more of the thuggish, mob rule, ugly tactics seen in Wisconsin in other states.

Hard-left Democrats believe if they scream loud enough, disrupt the legislative process and promote mob rule, they will triumph.

I've got a news flash for the DNC: Save your energy and breath. Americans want cuts in spending, and they are going to get them no matter how much the left demagogues the issues. Spending cuts are coming, and they cannot be big enough until we reverse the trend – or else the country will go broke.

Keep in mind, in technical terms, a country cannot go bankrupt. It can only bankrupt the people who are the guarantors of the debt. That is us, you and me. We hear it all of the time. Every man, woman and child would owe $40,000 if the debt were divided by the population.

Don't think for one minute the far left wouldn't bankrupt the people. Look at the radicals like Saul Alinsky or the Cloward/Piven strategy for America. The haters on the far left would love to see America on her knees.

I believe many decent Democrats have forgotten that "We the People" are the government. Even though the far left, like Pelosi, have ignored us and run from our problems, we are the government. We are on the hook for the debt, and, therefore, we want the debt to first stop growing and then be paid down to zero.

It started in Madison. It was the shot heard 'round the country – a shot so loud everyone heard it above the screaming, whining and crying of the left. The same left that wants all Americans to tighten their belts but are absolutely unwilling to tighten their own.

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