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It appears everyone, from both sides of the aisle, is praising our president for the way he handled the events of the first geo-political crisis he has faced since occupying the White House.

Egypt is now "free" and Mr. Obama will not cease in taking credit for being a large part of the "history unfolding before us." I only hope he doesn't live to regret what he took a bow for.

The perceived victory Mr. Obama has achieved is no surprise. It came by employing a political strategy he has used over and over again. It's the same one he used to secure his presidency. He has just tweaked it a bit to work in a diplomatic way in Egypt.

He threw someone under the bus.

Oh yes. Hosni Mubarak was thrown under the bus in the same fashion many of Obama's friends and allies have been discarded. It started with throwing his grandmother under the bus when her semi-racist comments allowed Mr. Obama to walk the thin line of race, playing both sides to his advantage.

He then moved on to his pastor of 20-plus years. When the going got tough with Jeremiah Wright, he was discounted in an instant. Mr. Obama sat in Wright's church but never listened. It's like smoking pot but never inhaling, right?

The list goes on and on. Van Jones, Bill Ayers, Bernadine Dorn and Anita Dunn, to name a few. All were trampled to keep the Obama caravan rolling.

But Mr. Obama didn't stop with individuals.

He is willing to throw entire nations under the bus. Providing Russia all the serial numbers and quantities of the British nuclear stockpiles is no problem for Mr. Obama. If such information is what it took to get his treaty signed, so be it. Now that Tony Blair is gone, why not sell the Brits out to the Russians? Is this what Great Britain deserves for standing with America in the fight against terrorism?

With this in mind, I doubt anyone was surprised when Mubarak joined the list of the Obama administration's casualties. I suspect, of all people, Hosni Mubarak himself expected it.

At first the administration's comments, made by Vice President Biden, established Mubarak was our ally. Then, once public opinion shifted and the media made him out to be more evil than Saddam, the tone changed. It changed so drastically, in fact, Mr. Obama demanded that Mubarak leave at once.

I find it laughable that Mr. Obama thought he could just tell Mubarak to leave and he would leave. If Mubarak didn't care about Egypt, he would have told the administration to fly a kite. He knew that Mr. Obama would not force the issue. What was Mr. Obama going to do? Bomb Cairo? Bring in the tough sanctions that worked so well with Iran? Yeah right!

Like it or not, Egypt has been our ally for 30 years. Egypt has maintained a peace agreement with our friends in Israel and has helped keep that region of the world stable for those 30 years.

But that is the problem. Egypt is a friend and wants peace in an area where many want war and martyrdom.

Can we expect to see a "tear down this wall" moment coming from Mr. Obama with Tehran? Will Ahmadinejad be told to leave and transition peacefully to a democracy immediately? You and I both know the answer.

I know the people of Egypt want freedom. We will soon see if they are willing to pay the price. Freedom is never free. It comes at a great cost, one which I believe the citizens of Egypt are ill prepared to pay.

There will be a fight for the future of Egypt that will set the course for the entire Middle East. I'm not very optimistic about that future. Once the celebrations die down and the TV cameras go home, the real fight for freedom will begin.

I was delighted to see this whole scenario play out without any suicide bombings. It's a first for that region, indeed. I only hope this remains the norm, but I highly doubt it – especially if Egypt's freedom depends in part on factions like the Muslim Brotherhood and Iran.

Soon Mr. Obama will be faced with the decision of where he stands with Israel. Will he stand up to protect and defend our friends or throw them under the bus? I do hope the Bible Mr. Obama carries to church has been read and heeded by our president.

That Bible contains a certain scripture, a promise to Israel from God Almighty (Genesis 12:3). I hope and pray that scripture burns in our president's heart. Hopefully this reminder of a covenant supersedes all the desires Mr. Obama has to reach out to the Muslim community.

If it doesn't, America will unwittingly be the next to be thrown under the bus, with consequences of biblical proportion.

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