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On Wednesday, we again witnessed another transition of power in the House of Representatives.

Former Speaker Nancy Pelosi used her final moments to remind everyone present of her historic tenure as the first female speaker of the House. The long list of her legislative accomplishments was presented as if she deserved the Nobel Peace Prize, when, in fact, they cost her the largest repudiation of her party in 40 years.

She bragged about passing health-care legislation. The same taboo legislation that not one Democrat mentioned during their November campaigns. And to remind her gay friends of her greatness, she heralded the repeal of "Don't ask, Don't tell" as the greatest thing since the B-1 bomber for strengthening our military.

Pelosi did, however, neglect to mention the greatest of all her accomplishments. She is the first speaker in the history of the House to burden America with $5.3 trillion in debt in a four-year period.

At times during Pelosi's remarks, I watched a very delusional woman – one who is so drunk on power that even the sobering effect of 19 of her own members turning on her in the vote for next speaker did little to bring her out of her stupor. At one point, my anger toward Pelosi, for blatantly distorting what really occurred during the 111th Congress, turned to sympathy.

Can anyone be this misguided?

For her to mention that she spent her reign of terror fighting deficit spending with her "pay-go" policy was hysterical. Apparently no one mentioned to her that she spent $5.3 trillion more than she was paid for. She should have stopped when the money ran out. But not old Nancy. She continued to "go" without the "pay."

But enough about the past. Let's look to the future.

Speaker Boehner now sounds much like Ms. Pelosi did four years ago. He acknowledged the incredible opportunity the House now has to lead according to the desires of the American people, that the House is the "people's house" and he will be treating it accordingly. It is now time to do the "people's business."

Boehner wants to stop spending future generations into unsustainable levels of debt and start real deficit-reducing cuts in government. He will not allow the House to spend money we do not have and will hold the line.

I did not hear Boehner talk about how Pelosi left him with a $14 trillion debt. I didn't hear how the Democrats ran the car into a ditch and how the Republicans now must clean up the mess. He didn't blame others. Never once did I hear a mention of draining the swamp. He is focused on fixing, not assigning blame – as his predecessor had. He "manned up," not blamed out.

Frankly, I would like to hear tougher language from the right, but I know they must walk the tightrope of political correctness to appease the liberals in the media. I would like to hear we are truly serious about reducing our debt. I'd like to hear them tell the American people there is no room for mooches. The days of free lunches are over now that the responsible grownups are back.

I would like to see this Congress acknowledge that it heard loud and clear what American wants: the overturn of the health-care plan and a practical market-based solution that involves personal responsibility. Those would be a great start.

But more importantly, this leadership will believe more in the goodness and hard-working nature of the American people, not the bloated bureaucratic monster Pelosi and Reid hold as the very solution to the problems they created. Government does not hold the answer to our problems. Government is the problem, as President Reagan so clearly pointed out.

America is fed up with the double talk from Pelosi, Weiner, Reid and others. America is a lot smarter than the Democrats believe, and the Republicans would be well served to make every decision based on that truth.

The media will do everything they can to protect Pelosi against the scrutiny her past performance will come under. There will be more attention paid to a misspoken word from Michele Bachmann than the destructive consequences of 2,300 pages of nonsensical health-care reform. When the "don't ask, don't tell" repeal starts to erode the readiness of our military, expect Paul Ryan to be accused of wanting old ladies and children thrown out in the streets in his attempts to stop the red ink.

We will see media playing defense for the Democratic Party. Expect it. However, if John Boehner and company keep their eye on the ball and remind themselves each day what America asked of them last November, we will see great changes for the good of our nation.

These new leaders will need our help. We must all be prepared to support the efforts that will get our nation back on track. Will Boehner and the new majority get it right every time? I doubt it. Boehner was honest enough to acknowledge such. I just hope the new Congress doesn't follow the intransigent attitude we saw from Pelosi and company.

It is now and should always be the people's House – not Nancy's.

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