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There have been times recently when I sit back, scratch my head and wonder what in the world is going on in America. Last week's events had me scratching like I had lice.

At American airports we are strip searching and groping 90-year-old grandmothers and forcing people against their will to be radiated with a body scan in search of weapons. Yet we fear asking a foreign exchange student from the Middle East to explain why they are flying back and forth to Yemen and other known terrorist active areas. Granny seems to get more scrutiny than a Muslim person who could double for Ramzi Yousef.

A confessed terrorist was acquitted on more than 280 charges of murder in a New York courtroom to satisfy the ideologues in the Eric Holder Justice Department. And all for what? So they can show off their left-wing concepts of justice: Proving we will allow a confessed murderer to get away with the same and herald it as a victory for the Constitution?

That is more nuts than looking for a bomb-strapped granny or toddler at Chicago O'Hare.

According to the terrorist's jubilant attorney, Peter Quijano, "This verdict is a reaffirmation that our judicial system is the greatest ever designed." Seriously? Not according to Assistant U.S. Attorney Harry Chernoff. He views the events with the eye of sanity. "This is Ahmed Ghailani. This is al-Qaida. This is a terrorist. This is a killer," he said in his closing arguments.

Am I to feel assured that our court system will protect America against future attacks by shaking down and "love patting" granny in the name of "fairness" while the liberals find a terrorist who killed 224 fellow human beings not guilty?

What the hell is going on in this country?

We arrest, try and jail U.S. soldiers who have been given ridiculous rules of engagement on the battlefield while extending constitutional rights to the terrorist captured in Pakistan? One was sent to secret prison for harsh interrogations and ultimately ended up at Guantanamo, only to be transferred to an New York courtroom so Eric Holder and Barack Obama could demonstrate to Islamic terrorists all over the world how "fair" we are.

How about extending the same degree of fairness to our brave soldiers, Mr. Obama and Mr. Holder? Of course not! That wouldn't be politically correct. It wouldn't be fair to your beloved Islamic terrorists. That would not play well with the Huffington Post. Nor would it satisfy your master, George Soros.

I just wonder how much more experimentation our economic, government and justice systems can endure at the hands of academics – the ones who prefer to test their failed Bolshevik theories, learned at the hands of the communists we call university professors, in life and death situations instead of role playing in a law class.

How long will it be before we collapse our economy or destroy the value of our currency as a result of testing the Keynesian economic model taught by the radical dope smokers from the '60s? When will the antics of left-wing lawyers who free confessed terrorists on technicalities ultimately result in the mass murder of more innocent Americans?

Mr. Obama and Mr. Holder should be ashamed of what they did by trying terrorist Ghailani in a New York court. These same men wanted to try Khalid Sheik Mohammed in a similar fashion – the mastermind of 9/11 on trial complete with the same restrictions prosecutors faced in the Ghailani trial. Yet Holder and Obama assured the American people a conviction. Well, he did get one – one that was equal to vandalism on steroids, not terrorism that produced 224 deaths. How stupid do they think you and I are?

We can thank Stevens, Kennedy, Ginsburg, Souter, Breyer and Rehnquist for what happened in New York this week. I bet Osama bin Laden is more grateful than anyone for our open-minded justices on the court. He can now recruit future terrorists with an even better offer than death and 72 virgins.

Our liberal geniuses have made it clear. If terrorists are caught, dumb liberals in America will put them on trial. Then they will afford said terrorists an ACLU attorney at no cost – one that will find a loophole, a technicality, so evidence cannot be presented without exposing classified secrets on intelligence gathering. Therefore, the threat of any conviction on charges requiring the death penalty will be eliminated.

So terrorists will end up with life in prison (maybe) with a Quran, three Islamic-sanctioned meals a day and a clean prayer mat, 24/7 medical care from the world's finest doctors and cable TV. They will have escaped the despair and hopelessness they lived in most of their worthless lives that drove them to violence.

This is the greatest recruitment tool ever afforded bin Laden. It's all courtesy of the executive and judicial branches of your government. The liberals on the Supreme Court, with their 5/4 decision on Hamdi vs. Rumsfeld, along with your youngsters from Team Obama, have literally handed a stunning victory to Osama bin Laden.

The obsession this president and his liberal pals possess in wanting to coddle terrorists and protect them by perverting our court system has to be a sickness – unless those in the Obama administration are actually intent on inflicting harm on America and truly want to assist the terrorists in their quest for world domination through global jihad.

If Mr. Obama believes his drone attacks on suspected terrorist targets in Afghanistan are enough to repair the damage he and his administration are inflicting on America here domestically, he is dreaming. While he should be applauded for these actions, they are simply too little, too late.

Mr. Obama should immediately call for the resignation of Eric Holder for blowing this case in New York and Janet Napolitano for her total mishandling of Homeland Security. Watching Napolitano's actions and ineptness reminds those of us in Arizona why we were all too happy to see her go.

The foolishness must stop, and it is up to our president to stop it. As Harry Truman said, the buck does stop at the desk in the Oval Office. It is time Mr. Obama acknowledges such and stops the madness.

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