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Is it me or does all the cash sloshing around in the campaign coffers this election season seem a bit seedy and distasteful? At the very least it should be disturbing – very disturbing.

Meg Whitman is spending $140 million of her eBay fortune while Barney Frank is showered with $40,000 in fresh donations from the very banks he bailed out. But it's all OK? It stinks to me and wreaks of hypocrisy and crookedness.

American politics have devolved into a scenario in which enough money spent on keenly crafted advertisements directed at an inattentive, uneducated populace can get a drunk monkey a seat in Congress. Al Franken is a perfect example. Nancy Pelosi a three-time winner. The list of hits just keeps coming.

It is a well-established fact that $400 million, coupled with a shrewd marketing team, can place a man with zero executive experience and less than five years of legislative background into the seat behind the Oval Office desk. It's a seat from which a young, inexperienced man is making the decisions that are fundamentally changing America forever, a seat of power like no other. How did he get there? Money and manipulation.

As a resident of the great state of Arizona, I witnessed firsthand how money affects politics. Juan McCain, equipped with $25 million and an ad team with a penchant for spinning the truth, destroyed a good man named J.D. Hayworth. I wonder what the outcome might have been if J.D. had $25 million to fight back and set the record straight?

With truth in advertising not required in political ads, liars, cheats, deceivers and distorters rule the day. They determine outcomes of elections with spin and cash. Have these people no conscience?

Is it any wonder why we have the caliber of leaders we do in Washington when they were produced with lies, innuendo and a ton of money? Should it comes as a shock when these leaders go on to lie and deceive the American people once they are in office? It is who they are. It was the requirement to get into office. And, in some cases, to stay there until death relieves us from their torture.

I for one am sick of it all. I can't wait until this cycle is all over. Yes I want the best for our country, but I am not foolish enough to believe that we will get the best with an election process that functions in the fashion ours does. We may get the best money can buy but not the best we need for our greatness to continue.

This year I am doing things a little differently for election week. I am going to shut off the TV, radio and Internet on Nov. 1. I plan to get up early on Nov. 2 and pray, just as I do every day. But that day I am going to pray for the supernatural wisdom to ignore the spin and millions spent to deceive me and ask God to direct my very choices.

I'll then jump into the car with the radio off and keep a determined mind to ignore the lawn signs and posters I will see along the way. Once I arrive, I will hopefully be able to ignore the signs lining the parking lot of my precinct as I walk in to exercise the most important responsibility I have as a citizen.

I hope all Americans will join me in doing the same. I am convinced more than ever in my life that the love of money in elections is the root of all the evil in many of the hearts who call themselves our "elected" officials.

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