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Last week I was struck by the comments FLOTUS Michelle Obama made on the "Tom Joyner Morning Show" as she explained just how important the upcoming mid-term elections are to her and Barack. They are the key to holding onto the power that apparently is the obsession of her every thought.

The first lady was adamant concerning this election, juxtaposing its importance to that of any presidential election. The reason why?

"If Barack doesn't have a team of people working with him, it makes it just that more difficult to continue the change that has already happened," according to the first lady.

If early polling is any indication that is exactly why we need to return Congress to a group of elected officials who will put the brakes on a runaway president and his wife who desire to change America into something no sane person will ever recognize. Michelle says, "It's about what we have to do to keep change alive."

The change she then went on to discuss had quite a spin. Michelle truly believes America will buy what she is selling.

"There is an agenda out there to take away those health-care reform benefits. There are people who want to take that back. There are people who want to reverse the movements that we've got on the banks. People want to take tax cuts away for working class folks."

But then the real crusher came.

"So, I mean, we're at a point now where we're still defining what this country is. And this time is critical."

Maybe Michelle is still defining who we are, but I'm sure not. I know exactly who and what we are: the greatest nation in the history of the world. She can attempt to bamboozle the people like her husband did, but it will not work on anyone who can think past ideology.

No one wants to increase taxes on working-class Americans. Most Americans don't want any tax increases on any American. It is her husband who injected class warfare into the debate that is now holding the middle class hostage. He allowed Congress to leave for a break while the decision on the Bush tax cuts needed to be addressed. Because of this our taxes will go up January 2011.

It is her husband's administration that wants "the rich" to pay more, others to pay less and many to pay zero. But a great number of Americans, from economists to average working people, don't want our government to play favorites. The job creators want health care to be repealed or dramatically reformed before higher premiums and increased paperwork cost even more jobs.

Her triumph over banks has worked well, hasn't it? Now bailed-out banks are sitting with trillions on their balance sheets, which they lend back to the Treasury at 2.5 percent with zero risk. Billions more being used to buy and sell the same risky derivatives that helped cause the meltdown in 2008. Oh yes, the change they brought to the banks was stellar.

Her remarks then took a turn that should have every American paying very close attention.

"So once again we have the power. We got this man in office."

Just who is this "we" she is referring to? Is it Americans, Democrats or the audience of her interviewer Tom Joyner? That "we" suggests there is a "them."

Fair and equal thought requires at least considering the possibility Michelle meant African-Americans, the black community. Keep in mind, this was the predominant makeup of the audience to which she was speaking. She went onto say, "I think we're all proud of Barack and his accomplishments."

So again I asked myself the question, who is the "we" she is referring to?

Given her comments about America being a "mean" nation, one that she could not be proud of until recently, I wonder. Her habit of sitting for years under the teachings of black liberation theologian Rev. Jeremiah Wright forced me to have second thoughts.

Who do you think the "we" is? If Michelle's "we" is black America, we have a very divisive first lady in the White House. It's the "we" versus "them" mentality. Now "we" are in power, and "we" are going to change America into what we are still defining America to be. That very language is pulling this nation apart. What about the unity hope and change promised to bring?

I was hammered two years ago when I wrote a satirical piece titled "The hip-hop president." I was called every name in the book. E-mails for weeks were so X-rated that I would not allow anyone to read them. Yet FLOTUS is allowed to separate races as she did in her interview with Tom Joyner in Chicago and no one says a word. Can you imagine if our last president's wife had said the same thing? The outcry from the left and the poverty pimps like Sharpton and Jackson would have been astounding.

This mid-term election will be viewed as every election, "The most crucial of our lifetime." However, this time that may be more true than we think.

There is no doubt in my mind the first couple is changing America in a way a majority of Americans not only oppose but find offensive and dangerous. Many suggest the only hope for America after the first two years of Mr. Obama holding "power" is to stop him in Congress.

Michelle stated very clearly and with great emotion, "So, we have come a long way, but we got to keep it coming. And this election is going to make a statement about whether Barack's power and support are deep."

Notice the "we" again and the focus on keeping the "power."

Whether the fears and opposition coming from those who wish to stop the agenda are warranted has yet to be determined. But I listened closely to every word of this interview. I carefully read the transcript. I can tell you without any reservation Michelle is obsessed with power and will do and say about anything to maintain it. To make matters worse, she was just dubbed by Forbes, "the world's most powerful woman," beating out heads of state, chief executives of billion dollar corporations and even celebrities like Oprah. But who will receive the benefit or harm of that power should be of concern to all.

While I am delighted for her and her husband's achievements, I do worry that absolute power corrupts absolutely. All Americans rejoice in the great progress our nation has made on many fronts, especially in the area of race relations, evidenced by our first black president.

Unlimited power, however, also provides unlimited ability to change a nation deemed by Michelle as "mean." And equally worrisome is the possibilities of who the "we" is to which she refers. Our first couple was elected to protect, defend and uphold our Constitution – not to attempt to change a nation into a version of their own choosing. And it was clearly not to settle perceived injustices according to their own perceptions.

So this election is important in keeping "We the people" a reflection of all the people who are Americans.

Anything short of that is not "we."

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