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It was hard for me to believe I was living in America when I read the following headline on Drudge Report last week: "Signs in Arizona warn of smuggler dangers: Drivers advised to travel north."

The article went on to report that certain portions of my home state of Arizona have been taken over by and are in the control of Mexican drug cartels. They control the land as far north as 100 miles from the Mexican border. I really couldn't believe what I was reading.

My anger quickly turned to bewilderment as I read deeper into the article.

"The federal government has posted signs along a major interstate highway in Arizona, more than 100 miles north of the U.S.-Mexico border, warning travelers the area is unsafe because of drug and alien smugglers, and a local sheriff says Mexican drug cartels now control some parts of the state.

The signs were posted by the Bureau of Land Management, or BLM, along a 60-mile stretch of Interstate 8 between Casa Grande and Gila Bend, a major east-west corridor linking Tucson and Phoenix with San Diego.

They warn travelers that they are entering an "active drug and human smuggling area," and they may encounter "armed criminals and smuggling vehicles traveling at high rates of speed." Beginning less than 50 miles south of Phoenix, the signs encourage travelers to "use public lands north of Interstate 8" and to call 9-1-1 if they "see suspicious activity."


This is something you would expect out of a third-world country, but not the United States of America. Our federal government has accepted the fact that drug cartels and human traffickers have taken over parts of our nation, and its response is to post 15 signs warning of the danger?

You have got to be kidding me!

But the federal government is far from pulling a practical joke. It is a joke!

Officials from Arizona, ranging from our governor to the local county sheriffs, have repeatedly alerted the federal government that we are under assault. Their response? A few signs! Our governor met face to face with Mr. Obama. Our sheriffs met with DHS officials. Border patrol agents have repeatedly documented this problem and brought it to the attention of their superiors. And we get signs?

Pima County Sheriff Paul Babeu has documented the violence for the geniuses in Washington. He has reported multiple times now that his deputies are outmanned and outgunned by the drug traffickers in the southwest desert of his own country.

"Mexican drug cartels literally do control parts of Arizona," said Sheriff Babeu. "They literally have scouts on the high points in the mountains and in the hills and they literally control movement. They have radios, they have optics, they have night-vision goggles as good as anything law enforcement has."

"This is going on here in Arizona," he said. "This is 70 to 80 miles from the border – 30 miles from the fifth-largest city in the United States."

I want you to hear what he said. Drug and human traffickers "literally control movement."

He has more than once pleaded with the Obama administration to send at least 3,000 National Guard soldiers to guard our country and patrol our borders. How did Mr. Obama respond? Sheriff Babeu got 15 signs posted by the Bureau of Land Management and a lot of lip service by what is shaping up to be either the most corrupt or incompetent (take you pick) president in American history.

But the Obama administration didn't stop there.

Oh no. The Obama White House, along with the gangster running the Justice Department, sent a lawsuit against our sheriffs along with the signs. Eric Holder and Barak Hussein Obama are far more concerned about a potential loss of democratic voters than they are in honoring the oath both took to defend America and her Constitution against all enemies foreign and domestic.

When will the Obama administration realize the people who elected him expect him to protect our country? We in Arizona are being asked to drive in other areas of our state because the government has allowed Mexican traffickers to take over portions of it?

Maybe Mr. Obama should give those areas to the Mexican government by executive order. He loves those! Or better yet do his job and send the appropriate manpower and equipment to protect one of the United States.

I have watched a lot of foolish things come out of this administration. We have all observed the childish behavior of the juvenile we hired as president. We have watched him and his wife jet set all over the globe and act like spoiled brats. But how many times will Mr. Obama be allowed to screw up before one of the adults stands up and explains to him that job No. 1 for the president is to keep our citizens safe?

Will it take more American ranchers being killed in cold blood on their own land? Will areas be declared "no man's land" where Americans who pay federal taxes are not allowed to drive because foreigners control the areas? Will more sheriffs and Border Patrol officers be shot before Mr. Obama get his head out of his political desire for more Hispanic voters?

I'm not sure what the answer is, but I can tell you people in Arizona are mad. Heck, we are under attack, and this administration acts like it couldn't give a rip. It is only a matter of time before the men of the Southwest will take matters into their own hands and protect their property and families against the invasion coming from the south.

And most will not blame the men who do so. In fact, they will be thanked and applauded as heroes. They would deserve a medal in my book.

I am not advocating vigilantism. I don't believe in physical violence unless it is necessary to protect my family or in self-defense. But I have lived in the Southwest long enough to know our citizens will not wait forever for the bureaucrats in D.C. to defend our country. They are not going to wait for one of their family members to die while Mr. Obama plays politics with La Raza.

Perhaps Mr. Obama wouldn't be bothered if gangs were taking over his neighborhoods in Chicago and D.C. But down here we care. And now that the news is out, it is time for Washington to send help before things get out of hand.

Men in this part of the country believe that doing the right thing is always the right thing to do, and believe me when I tell you, their patience is running out. People are angry, frustrated and scared. That is not a good combination – especially when it is 120 degrees outside.

There was a time in America when men were men. That didn't allow grown men to abuse young children. They didn't allow their neighborhoods to be taken over by gangs or drug dealers. They had ways of keeping the streets safe.

Those days may soon come back unless our government responds to the threat its citizens face here in the Southwest. We may not be important to Mr. Obama's vote count, but we do count.

So what do you say, Mr. Obama? Can you man up? If not, there are plenty of men here who will do it for you. Just let them know.

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