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This week I took a moment to take a look at our country. What I saw shocked, angered and frustrated me in a way I never thought the land I love could. Here is what I saw:

Last week 30,000 low income individuals mobbed HUD workers as they handed out 13,000 applications for government-subsidized housing in Atlanta, Ga. Within moments, the crowd frantically grabbed for the few pieces of paper as if their very lives depended on it. The scene looked like a food drop to starving people in a third-world country, not Atlanta.

On Thursday I watched a couple hundred protesters line the steps of the New York Stock Exchange. Were they demanding jobs? No! They were demanding more unemployment benefits. They called themselves the "ninety niners," as in 99 weeks of pay for not working. More and more people are demanding the government pay their bills. These deadbeats made me ill.

In California, one judge overturned the will of 7 million Californians by finding Proposition 8 unconstitutional and opening the flood gates of homosexual marriage in America. Now gay, lesbian, transgendered and all the other unusual lifestyle relationships will be recognized as legal marriages. Civil unions weren't enough for the homosexual community. They demanded normal marriages to recognize their abnormal behavior.

To hear one pastor from the Presbyterian church applaud the decision left me scratching my head. She said, "After I counsel couples and ascertain that they have a loving and healthy relationship I marry them." Is she kidding me? Healthy? No wonder by this point in the week I had developed a massive migraine.

Of course, we all have been watching with great interest the federal government suing a state that wants to enforce the laws already on the books against illegal immigration. That one really blows my mind. Arizonans and a great majority of Americans want our borders protected and law breakers put in jail. The response from Mr. Obama and company is a lawsuit against law enforcement. Breaking laws if you don't like them is acceptable to the current regime in Washington.

Oh and yes, who could forget Marie Antoinette Obama as she gallivanted all over Spain while her nation, whom she claims to be proud of for the first time in her adult life, struggles to pay the bills and feed their children? Hey, let them eat cake. Right, Michelle?

So we now have 40 million on food stamps, 14 million unemployed, millions receiving free health care and a growing entitlement class who demands the government meet their every need. Mr. Obama and friends merely ignore the problems or blame it all on Bush.

The once great and powerful country called America now sits by and allows an insane tyrant Ahmadinejad to obtain nuclear weapons as the leftist in the White House takes a bow for imposing the toughest sanctions against Iran yet. Tough but worthless, Mr. President, and you better hope Iran doesn't give a bit of that radioactive material to some crazy friend who hates America. Heck, that person may be working for you! Your administration is filled with hate-America folks.

Members of this Chicago dictatorship view murderers like Mao Tse-Tung as their heroes. Saul Alinsky clones now head up many areas of government. What will become of this once great nation if this group is allowed to continue unchecked?

Have we lost our country? Are we now under a dictatorship? I am getting that very feeling more and more each day. I sense the people have lost any ability to change the course we are on. Even the media, who once protected us from government corruption, are delighted to aid in the destruction.

Congress arrogantly ignores the will of the people. Voters are now having their votes overturned by one judge. Meanwhile, the most powerful man in the free world plays footsies with dangerous and determined crackpots. All of this has me seriously asking the following question: Can we survive another two years of team Obama?

Can the elections in November honestly bring us back from a total meltdown of our nation?

I'm not so sure anymore.

Is there any doubt in your mind that many of the very people who sold this nation out will be returned for another term in Congress? Look no further than my state of Arizona for your answer.

Incumbent Sen. John McCain, famous for McCain Feingold campaign finance reform, has spent $17 million on the primary alone to dupe the people of Arizona for another six years. The same man who proposed amnesty for 11 million illegals along with his pal Ted Kennedy is now calling for the fence he voted against. He now says no more bailouts when he voted for a $700 billion bailout of the banks. He is even on tape saying, "It could come down to lying [to voters] or losing [an election]. I chose lying." Yet if the polls are right, he will win another term?

A man who lies, flip flops and plays the dangerous game of politics will be sent back by the very people he deceived, and you think the nation is salvageable? I can only hope the tea party comes to our rescue in Arizona. If left to the DNC and RNC, we will send the same liars and thieves right back for more of the same.

Again, if polling is correct, Nancy Pelosi should win in a landslide. McCain will get away with lying, and "The war is lost" Harry Reid will get six more years to make a fool of himself, our country and the idiots who vote him back in.

So take a good look at your country, America. I have said it before. I thank God that my father and father-in-law, who fought valiantly in World War II, are not here to see what has been done to their country. They are both in heaven with tears running down their cheeks as they watch fellow citizens who hate America tear apart the country they loved and fought for.

I will remain optimistic for that is my nature, but without a miracle from heaven we will lose this country. We may already have.

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