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Our founders envisioned a Congress following the Constitution with conviction to the values to make us great. Instead our government has devolved into a system that only provides the first three letters of those words.

Republicans didn't accept responsibility when President Bush refused to veto spending bills that increased the national debt dramatically. Democrats will not even acknowledge President Obama's runaway spending. It's spending that makes all other presidencies look fiscally sound.

Do both political parties think the American people are stupid?

Unfortunately they do. Not only do they think we are, they are depending on us remaining stupid.

That is why it is critical Americans start shutting off the cable and stop texting for a few minutes and start educating ourselves on the vital issues we face as a nation. The con artists on both sides of the aisle are getting away with murder while we are busy entertaining ourselves. They can no longer do as they wish if we are to survive.

If we allow all the conveniences and indulgences to distract us, as they did in ancient Rome, our politicians will run our country straight into the ground. Sadly we will have no one to blame but ourselves. We were too busy focused on "me" versus "us."

We are getting the government we deserve.

Just take a look around you: Young and old alike with their faces buried in smart phones. Tens of millions watch the Super Bowl, World Cup soccer and "American Idol." We seem to care more about the outcome of Le Bron's choice of team than we do about the 2,500-page pieces of legislation costing trillions. We are acting as if we couldn't care less about the con job we are getting out of D.C.

When I see someone in a checkout line at the market talking on a cell phone while paying their bill and they don't miss a beat, it's clear we are in trouble. Have we really become that rude and disengaged with our fellow man? People on phones act like the clerk doesn't even exist. What happened to manners in America? People only care about themselves and that is tragic.

We'd better come together real soon and talk to each other. We need to find the common ground, decide what we want as a people and then demand it from our leaders. We are slowing losing our humanity in the name of convenience and staying "connected."

When the outcome of sporting events and singing contests draw more attention than a government spending future generations into slavery, we are in trouble. Have we really become this out of touch that we pass $34 billion in additional unemployment benefits without paying for it? We pay our unemployed today with money our children will have to pay. How selfish can we be?

When a government can sue one of the states for wanting to protect itself against a foreign invasion, 100 percent of America should say "No!" – not 60 percent or 70 percent – 100 percent. But we get conned by the group that can scream the loudest and catch the biggest news headlines.

It is time we the people re-engage in the process in a big way or be content to be duped over and over again. Bigger, more expensive government offering 2,500-page solutions for simple problems is not the answer. Spending money on deadbeats who walk away from mortgages is not only wrong, it makes things worse. Giving money to people who should be working forever creates a permanent dependent class. And allowing politicians to do whatever they want, without one peep from the people, is absurd.

When we start calling things that are out of control and wrong what they are, then we are on our way to recovery. Short of that, expect the con to continue. The victims in a con are those who allow themselves to be conned.

Truth is truth. We need to work with the truth, not spin or tout someone's opinion on any given issue. We don't need the best, most convincing marketing campaign. We don't need the negative ads we see during election years. We need the truth. Then we need to talk to each other and come together on what we want.

The tea party is a perfect example of what happens when America comes together: Republicans, Democrats and independents who are white, black and all shades in between. They are Jewish, Christian, atheist and agnostic. They're all different type of nationalities. They aren't hyphenated Americans – just Americans.

They are people who want what is best for the country without regard for who gets the power or the credit.

Otherwise, I would suggest that the current group of losers in Congress get together and form the Con-o-crat Party or the Republi-con Party. At least that way the people know what they are getting. That would offer real "consumer protection."

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