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The recent resignation of Attorney General Alberto Gonzales has caused me, for the first time in my life, to agree with Sen. Chuck Schumer. Schumer believes Gonzales was in over his head and did the right thing by resigning. He was in over his head alright, but it had nothing to do with his qualifications or education.

I did a bit of homework on Mr. Gonzales. He attended Texas public schools and then Rice University and Harvard Law. He served his country proudly in the U.S. Air Force from 1973 to 1975 and attended the Air Force Academy from 1975 to 1977. I could list of all his accomplishments, but I have a limited space in this column. If you would like, read them for yourself.

Suffice to say Alberto Gonzales is the American dream come true. Make no mistake, Mr. Gonzales is brilliant to say the least. Even a short review of his accomplishments prove, if anything, he was over qualified to serve as the nation's top lawyer. So where was he in over his head?

Mr. Gonzales, being a man of integrity and character, was not willing to roll in the mud and play politics the bureaucratic animals like Schumer like to play. He was not willing to kiss the bottoms of the Senate Judiciary who liken themselves to gods. When Chuck Schumer would ask politically-motivated questions of Gonzales about sensitive, and in many cases classified, information regarding the NSA wiretap program, Mr. Gonzales would artfully dodge the question. While Mr. Schumer may not have a problem with the nation's secrets being made public for our enemies, a true American like Mr. Gonzales did.

It was wonderful to watch a brilliant, articulate, well polished, Harvard-educated lawyer go head-to-head with his holiness Chuck Schumer. He ate Schumer for lunch, and Chucky couldn't stand it. Gonzales equipped with the truth was no match for a charlatan like Chucky. And while all the left would like to paint Gonzales as a "dodger" or being "not forthright", it just isn't so. Even Arlen Specter, who accused Gonzales of not being candid, was turned around after he received a private memorandum explaining Gonzales' positions on sensitive national security issues.

If the Judiciary was honestly seeking the truth and wished to protect America, they would have met with Gonzales privately, off the record where he could offer answers without giving away secrets about the NSA program – a program that has kept Americans safe for the last six years. But that would not have allowed the political animals on the left to embarrass the administration. Never mind if such embarrassment was paid for with the loss of sensitive information to our enemies

If Alberto Gonzales was light on any area of his resume, it was his ability to play politics. The type of blood sport politics the left demands. They hate Bush and have been trying to destroy any member of the administration with loyalty to the president. It started with John Ashcroft. At the time of his confirmation, the Democrats ranted he would shred the Constitution. Then it was Donald Rumsfeld for supporting "Bush's war." Then the snipers took aim at Karl Rove, the "architect." Now it is Alberto Gonzales. Once they shoot all Republicans, and the problems still exist, and the Democrats do nothing to fix them other than spend money, who will they blame then? Themselves? I doubt it.

I guess, in the eyes of the left, there has never been a decent American who has ever served at the pleasure of George Bush. I imagine soon it will be Condoleezza Rice or maybe Hank Paulson. How about Joshua Bolten or Ed Gillespie? Surely Michael Chertoff has to be in their sights. In the left's warped sense of reality, all the evil on the earth has gathered in the White House to serve George Bush.

It made me sick to watch Sen. Clinton actually clap when she heard about the resignation of Alberto Gonzales. She wants Bush to appoint a new Attorney General who will represent the rule of law. Of course Hillary and Bill did a fine job with "Raggedy Ann" Janet Reno as their Attorney General. Now there is a real winner for you. She clearly was a big fan of the rule of law when she gave the orders that ended Waco in tragedy. But then again she was a Democratic woman.

Can you imagine if Gonzales was a Democrat? Hispanic Democrat? Put an "R" behind the name, and suddenly you have no talent, no ability to think and you are in over your head. Think Janet could hold a candle to Gonzales? Sorry!

Political swill pouring from the democratic left in D.C. and once again another well-educated, decent, patriotic American bites the dust – a man who defended his country against attacks from terrorists who want each of us dead, a man who fought child predators, a man who exposed corruption but just was not politically astute enough to satisfy the political animals like Schumer. Maybe that is why the public has such a low opinion and approval rating on this Congress.

So, in his departure, I would like to thank Alberto Gonzales for his service to the country. I am grateful he did not allow politics to expose secrets to the enemy. Each one of us should thank him for helping put tools like the Patriot Act into the hands of law enforcement to keep us safe. Thank him for treating terrorist at Gitmo like terrorists instead of visitors to La Costa Spa. He will go on and do great things in his life which will only add to his long lists of accomplishments. One day we will look back and see what a great loss the country suffered when the trained snipers on the left killed another fine servant of the nation.

So, Chuck Schumer, you are right. He did the right thing by stepping down. He was in over his head. To even be in the same room with you would lend too much creditability to your sorry partisan existence. Men like Alberto Gonzales are too good for hacks like you.

I only hope and pray partisan politicians like Schumer don't get us killed when we had fine men like Alberto Gonzales keeping us safe. Unfortunately, we are going to miss Gonzales. You will see.

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