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So America, how is that community organizer working out as your president? Apparently running the country is as much above his pay grade as knowing when life begins.

Choose any topic that requires the full attention of the president, and you will quickly discover just how unqualified the law professor from Chicago is to be leader of the free world. Mr. Obama has no executive experience and, frankly, I am starting to become embarrassed for him. Each day is met with another surprising lack of effectiveness.

Whether you look at the mess in the Gulf of Mexico, the turmoil in the Middle East or the controversy in Arizona or claims of violation of laws in the White House, Mr. Obama is woefully incapable of responding to crises as they arise. He instead reacts.

Responding requires an understanding of the problem, construction of a viable plan and the ability to garner the respect and cooperation necessary to execute that plan.

Instead Mr. Obama reacts like any other lawyer reacts: He threatens to sue.

Attorney General Holder threatening BP with criminal prosecution is not only misguided, it may well be illegal. A prosecutor cannot use the fear of indictment or litigation to prompt movement on behalf of an involved party. A prosecutor must follow through on the threat.

Think of the foolishness of threatening criminal prosecution of the company we are relying on to plug the leak. Instead of focusing its full attention on repairs, it will now have to lawyer up and watch every move it makes. Plugging the hole becomes your second priority when the fear of imprisonment looms in your future.

Is that good leadership or just good politics? Either way, it's how the Obama administration operates. Just take a look at Arizona.

A constitutionally elected group of lawmakers drafts and passes legislation that is less offensive than the current federal law. It also has the backing of 70 percent of its citizens and is signed into law by the governor. But the Obama folks don't like it, so they threaten to sue. Forget about asking if the new law will stop criminals. Just sue and ask questions later. Our governor will happily see Mr. Obama and Holder in court.

The governor of a state, threatened with massive boycotts when already crippled with high foreclosure rates, increasing unemployment and the invasion of illegal aliens cannot get a meeting with the president? Yet Marv Albert can get Mr. Obama's full attention and an immediate TV interview. We may have a rock star on our hands, but he's surely not a president.

The governor of Arizona, Jan Brewer, literally had to shame the president of the United States into a meeting to discuss the invasion of our country costing billions of dollars to cash-strapped states while Paul McCartney and other music stars are invited to the White House for a big shindig complete with a serenade for the first lady with a rendition of "Michele." It was so cute to watch the first family singing along. Gag me!

I know, I know, Mr. Obama and friends are rather busy. They have very little time to pay close attention to many of these critical issues we face.

In fact, Mr. Obama could only spare three hours in his hectic schedule to tour and inspect the largest environmental disaster we have ever experienced yet finds time to play five hour rounds of golf over and over. When golf pulls priority over the Gulf, we have a problem in the White House. Or maybe we have a community organizer masquerading as a president.

With all the presidents I have watched throughout my 55 years, I have yet to see anyone so disengaged and indifferent to all he sees happening around him. The concern he should exhibit has been replaced with arrogance and condescension. It oozes out of every pore of this man's body. He sold himself as a man of the people. I guess he is, if you own a golf course or play in a rock band.

To him sacrifice is substituting spinach for arugula during one of his many fancy high-priced dinners at the White House hosting foreign leaders who openly attack his country. Sacrifice is an action, not just a word.

Regardless of the problem, Mr. Obama shows he inability to lead. Take your pick:

* BP oil spill

* jobs for political favors

* Arizona illegal immigration law

* Iran obtaining material for two nuclear weapons

* Israel/Turkey conflict

* North Korea attacking South Korean ship

* Or any other of the many problems that need his immediate attention.

All Mr. Obama seems capable of lately is reading the teleprompter and giving another stupid speech that sounds good but will do little to address the underlying problems. Mr. Obama would rather find fault than find a solution. Just as any good attorney, if he can find fault he can sue.

Mr. Obama, a lawsuit will not mop up the oil. Suing Ahmadinejad will not stop him from obtaining a nuclear weapon. Litigation will not stop lawbreakers from coming across the border and invading our country. Kim Jong Ill is not concerned about a court room.

Either lead or get out of the way. I suggest you get out of the way. Then call on one of the few adults left in your administration with some practical experience who can get to work on the problems. In the meantime, you go hang out on your 747, play rock star around the world and eat your $200 a pound Waygu beef. Turn over the critical issues to people who can lead. People who are willing to serve a child, while the child plays. Let them clean up your mess while you play golf.

May I suggest Hillary as your first choice? At least she has a pair and understands how to get things done.

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