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Any questions about the total crack up of the Democratic Party were put to rest Thursday as Felipe Calderon continued to promote the lie that Arizona will racially profile his fellow countrymen under our new law.

During a joint session of Congress, members of the Obama administration and his party sat on the edge of their seats and grinned with glee while the Mexican president admonished one of the 50 sovereign states of America. Calderon acted like he was scolding a group of elementary school students. The room then erupted in a 15-second Democrat applause, accompanied by a standing ovation that included our attorney general and secretary of homeland security.

So, if I have this straight, a foreign leader came to our Congress and openly rebuked a law which has the support of 72 percent of Arizonians and 60 percent of all Americans. And the Democrats applauded him?

We are seeing the disintegration of a political party right before our very eyes.

The Republicans in attendance sat horrified as they watched this spectacle, knowing any expression of objection would be noted as impolite or not fitting of protocol. One could only hope more Joe Wilsons would speak up and say, "That is a lie," but who can survive the media onslaught that would follow.

After the joint press conference with Mr. Obama and Calderon, I knew I had just watched our president not only fail to defend the country he took an oath to protect, but actually join in on the attack of our nation.

When Mr. Obama speaks, my heart fills with anger instead of the pride I used to feel with past presidents. To me, this man can't possibly be the president of the United States. Presidents defend their nations; they don't attack them.

Our attorney general is no better. When I see him squirm and obfuscate when answering simple questions, I sense a great void of justice filled with "hate America" spin. The lawyer of the American people prefers to make excuses for foreigners who break the laws he has sworn to uphold and enforce.

And when Janet Napolitano addressed failed terrorist attacks and the potential for further attacks, I felt a lack of security, not an enhancement thereof. She instills fear with her lack of understanding, and yet she is tasked to keep the nation safe? Her disregard of the seriousness of the threats against us is bone chilling.

We have come to a point in America where those of us who love this country shutter each time the president takes the podium, knowing somehow during his remarks he will reveal his deep animosity toward this nation. As much as he appears to dislike America, why in the world would he want to be her leader?

The answer is simple: to change the nation. Most in America understand that now and will prove so in November.

America now sees a bunch of criminals in Washington trying to destroy what they hold dear, and they are not going to let it happen. They have become ashamed of the outrageous comments and behavior demonstrated by the Obama administration. America is tired of being kicked around by its own president and will stop it come November.

I join the growing group of Americans that is embarrassed by Mr. Obama and his goons. But I have never been more proud of the American people. While they made a mistake in November of 2008, they are going to correct that mistake in November 2010. They realize now they were duped, and they will not be duped again.

So thanks, Mr. Obama, for your shameless spreading of lies on a bill you and your administration have not even read. I appreciate the nonstop attack of our nation. I'm grateful you cannot stop spending our nation into economic oblivion for soon that will all change.

Mr. Obama and his inexperienced upstarts had set their sights on destroying a nation. Instead they ended up destroying their party. While many thought Republicans would be sent to political purgatory for decades to come, just the opposite will occur.

When the House is returned to competent, sane hands in November and Nancy and Harry are sent to their rooms without dessert, Congress will resume the role of keeping the executive branch accountable. Congress will stand up and defend our nation against the seething attacks of Obama. Fiscal sanity will also return as our representatives listen to the people and not the polls.

And within a decade our ship will be sailing for smoother waters. It'll be a ship less burdened with bureaucrats and waste – a ship that has thrown all the liberals overboard where they belong.

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