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This summer our elected bureaucrats will spend millions of taxpayer dollars, waste thousands of hours of time and grandstand for political advantage all over something for which the outcome has already been decided.

But why?

Is there any doubt Mr. Obama's Supreme court nominee Elena Kagan will be confirmed by the president's rubber stamps in the Senate? In my opinion, the Senate already knows the final vote, and there is no way that is going to change. So why waste the time and money?

Mr. Obama made it clear that he would "fundamentally" change America into the progressive vision all liberals desire. Now it is just a matter of putting all the puppets in the right positions of power to execute the dictates of our Supreme leader, Barack Hussein Obama.

Yes, elections have consequences, and we are observing that truth right before our very eyes.

I won't waste precious space listing all the reasons why Kagan is one of the most unqualified nominees in modern history. It wouldn't make any difference in the final vote – even if millions of Americans flooded Capitol Hill with million of calls and e-mails. This president and his blind allegiance followers are going to put Ms. Kagan on the court with a lifetime appointment.

The choice of Ms. Kagan was based on political correctness to please Mr. Obama's base. Maybe there was a bit of affinity for his fellow professor and Chicago mover and shaker. But the choice was not based on qualifications.

One can only imagine the liberal damage Ms. Kagan can do given she is the ripe young age of 50. With many justices serving into their late 80s, it is a safe bet that Elena Kagan will leave a path of judicial activism not seen in all the years of the court.

There is only one answer to the crisis this nation faces. And that answer is well on its way in the form of a tidal wave of incumbent removal on the Hill. It is time to take the garbage out and return some balance to Congress. That way hearings will actually be a time of information gathering and debate.

Names like Specter, McCain and others who have been in Congress for more than a decade need to go. I am pleased to say that early polling and recent elections in New Jersey, Massachusetts and Virginia indicate the old fogies will have to go. The days of cloakroom back slapping is about ready to come to an abrupt end. People want leaders of integrity, not slimy politicians.

Then and only then will hearings on energy, deficits, budgets, defense appropriations and, yes, Supreme Court justices have any value instead of being just a bunch of blowhards filling a room with a lot of hot air.

Supreme Court nominations and the confirmation hearings that confirm or reject the president's choices are a joke. Wasting time going through this charade could be far better spent reducing the deficit, cutting spending, creating millions of new jobs through incentivized tax cuts and working on legislation that will strengthen the nation, not weaken it.

Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid, which are bankrupting our nation, could use the attention that Elena Kagan will receive between now and August. Rest assured she will be confirmed by August, as Jeff Sessions on the Sunday talk shows said he was going to accommodate Mr. Obama's timeline.

Americans are fed up with the whole process in Washington. It could not come at a better time. "Throw the bums" out is no longer a bumper sticker but a political movement to return our nation to the constitutional values that worked well for 200 years.

I am excited about what is going on in America. It is refreshing to see Americans re-engage in the process. More exciting is the fact it took less than 17 months of a radical liberalism in the White House for America to wake up and say no more. After watching the chief liberal put dozens of "czars" in positions of unelected power and sending people like Sotomayor and now another college professor like Kagan to the Supreme Court, Americans are going to take their country back.

I can't wait for November, can you? But between now and then we will continue to have examples of how badly Americans want their country back. Next Tuesday we will watch Arlen Specter's reign bite the dust in Pennsylvania. Others like Rand Paul will defeat the party favorite in Kentucky. And hopefully we will see Juan McCain lose in Arizona.

Enough is enough, and sending an unqualified nominee to the Supreme Court is just one more decision that proves Mr. Obama and his Democrat majority need to go. Hasn't America had enough of unqualified people running the show?

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