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With four attempted and one successful terrorist attack under his belt, Mr. Obama continues to disregard the one common thread that runs through them all – radical Islamic terrorism. All have a distinctive Middle Eastern dress and/or appearance, a profile.

But this is just one of many oversights in this administration. When it comes to border security in the Southwestern part of the United States, the administration refuses to accept that 95 percent of all illegals aliens breaking the law and taxing the system have something in common. They are mainly Hispanics who look like Hispanics, a profile.

Yet the Obama administration refuses to profile Middle Eastern-looking people in our airports. It prefers to hassle 80-year-old ladies carrying 8 ounce cans of Ensure, 10-year-old girls in wheelchairs or young mothers with their babies, going through the diaper bag and making mom drink the breast milk to prove it is not laden with explosives.

In the Southwest, Obama prefers to stop all cars going through border checkpoints along Interstates 10 and 8 instead of allowing local police officers to ask for documentation of citizenship when they stop someone for a traffic violation or catch them in the commission of a crime.

The one common denominator Mr. Obama and the liberal left refuse to embrace in addressing both these issues is profiling. If the profile fits, why not use it?

In pursuit of political correctness, liberals would rather let terrorists board planes with paid-in-cash, one-way tickets to Pakistan right after a failed bomb attack in Times Square just to be PC. They wouldn't want to upset the Muslim community, CAIR or any of the followers of the "religion of peace."

No, they would rather shake down an honest American businessman flying to a meeting, attempting to make a living and pay taxes – especially if that businessman is a white man. He will have to take his shoes off, put the computer in a separate bin, take his bag of liquids out and remove his suit jacket. He'll do this all while Faisal Shahzad, who fits a profile, settles down with a pillow and a blanket on his way back to a terrorist training camp in Islamabad. That way it is fair.

It's time we as a nation stop the foolishness of political correctness and start profiling before one of these terrorists succeeds in another attempt to kill innocent Americans. Is that what it will take before Mr. Obama will start using common sense and basic law-enforcement methods to stop the bad guys?

If we had a string of crimes in my neighborhood and the eyewitnesses reported a white male, mid-50s, blond hair, blue eyes, 5' 10", medium build, the police should not be looking for a 20-something, dark-skinned man with brown eyes. And if the police stopped me because I fit the profile, I would thank the policeman for doing his job by keeping my neighborhood safe. That is why we give them a badge and a gun.

So maybe a few Arab-looking men will be stopped by mistake. So what? If they love this country, they should be grateful that law enforcement is keeping their family safe. If they are offended and don't love the country, who the heck needs them? If they truly believe Islam is a religion of peace, they should want the scum who perverted their religion apprehended.

It is a sad statement that Mr. Obama and his accomplices in the media assume a tea-party member to be a suspect before an Islamic terrorist. Has a tea-party member put a bomb in his shoes, underwear or SUV? Has a tea-party member killed 13 people and wounded 30 at a military base? Don't think so!

When I heard the crazies on MSNBC and the left hope it was anyone other than a Muslim who planted bombs in Time Square and the mayor of New York suggest it may well have been someone upset with Obamacare, I was stunned. My shock would have been tempered a bit if they at least suggested it may have been a radical Islamic terrorist who hates America. But not in the world of PC.

I can assure Mr. Obama if his luck runs out and these radical Islamic terrorist start getting it right more often, the nation will demand profiling. Don't think for one minute you are going to see the terrorists stop trying to kill us. They are resolved – far more so than this administration is to protect us. Unless protection comes in a politically correct-wrapped package.

Profiling works! Any cop will tell you.

We all know it, but many are afraid to say so. We know the media and the left will brand us racists, xenophobes and bigots if we do. I am not afraid. I will not allow that fear to put my family or my country in danger. And neither should Mr. Obama.

So what do you say, Mr. Obama? You have the bully pulpit. Why not give one of your soaring, rhetoric-filled speeches about how we should all be looking for a profile that fits a suicide bomber. How about talking about great leaders in the past who had to make similar unpopular decision to keep a nation safe – much like your hero, Abraham Lincoln.

Or are you and your czars, advisers and handlers too busy dividing the nation to bring us together against a common enemy?

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