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Every election year the pundits claim it is the most consequential and important election in the history of the country. And while that may or may not be the case this November, one thing is guaranteed: It will certainly be the most interesting.

After years of pent-up frustration from their elected officials' refusal to listen to the constituency, millions of Americans have decided to actively get involved. Many have taken to the streets in massive rallies like those witnessed on Tax Day, April 15. They want a voice in the future direction of their country. They want real change – change they can believe in.

Liberals bent on racking up trillions in debt never envisioned anyone objecting to their destruction of the finest health-care system in the world while raising billions in new taxes and cutting benefits to our senior population in the process. They assumed that if they offered everyone a free lunch many would take it.

Not the tea-party movement. Americans want their country back, not a new entitlement.

The people are rejecting their offer and even want their votes back from the elections of 2006 and 2008. Democrats and Republicans alike have joined together to stop an out-of-control government. The voter remorse among tea partiers is real.

The liberals never thought the people would take to the streets to voice their disgust for what is happening to their country. They never envisioned rallies attended by doctors, lawyers, stay-at-home moms, mechanics, policemen and every other segment of America demanding government to stop spending money, balance the budget and secure our borders.

Hard-working, law-abiding, taxpaying citizens who play by the rules are fed up with the overreach of the federal government. And they are letting the world know it in clear, easy-to-digest terms. They refuse to sit back any longer and allow politicians like Mr. Obama, Pelosi, Reid and even so-called "moderates" like Juan McCain to change their country into the European model of socialism. These Americans are, unlike the jerks in Washington, willing to defend the Constitution and our freedom.

So in predictable style, liberal attacks have been launched by the usual suspects on the left. Distortions, lies and character assassinations on average, middle-class Americans who attend tea parties are heard hourly. I heard Boyce Watkins on Sirius radio claim all tea partiers are "racists." He used a disgusting sexual term to characterize the tea-party attendees and then went on to claim our jails are filled with African-American males purely because of such racism. It couldn't possibly have anything to do with criminal behavior.

Liberal Democrats, the hard left and their minions in the media have embarked on a very risky political strategy. They are attempting to define any subscriber of the tea-party movement as, in their words, "hate filled racists," "homophobes" and "rednecks" controlled by fear and paranoia. Its turning out to be a vain attempt in making the tea partiers appear as something they are not.

Some on the left planned to plant counterfeit tea partiers at the rallies, complete with racist, bigoted, misspelled signs in hopes of besmirching the fine people attending. However, few dissenters showed up. And the tea-party folks drowned out the few who did. While there was a huge effort to discredit these Americans, it seems people couldn't get motivated enough to protest.

One group, CrashtheTeaParty.org, suggested its supporters create fake petitions and collect personal data on the tea partiers so they could "cause mayhem." The lovers of big government are freaking out. Have they stooped so low they are resorting to identity theft? I hate to break it to them. It's not going to stop these folks.

The liberals are making a huge mistake. And I'm loving it.

The left is so terrified of the tea party, its only answer is to deploy utter lies and deception. Such desperation proves the strength of the tea-party movement.

The truth is, the tea-party folks are simply fed up with the overspending, massive growth in government and constant liberal dribble coming out of D.C. Their anger is not directed at any race, religion or nationality. It is directly squarely at failed liberal policies bankrupting our nation.

So go ahead all you loons on the left. Make our day. The more you attack the movement, the more you try to discredit it, the faster it will grow and the stronger it will get. You may be able to control the media and the fringe on the far left, but that is not America. It's an ever-decreasing minority.

America is now quite easy to identify, thanks to you. She is in the streets, and she's coming after your job.

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