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The headline read, "Deported activist vows to carry on cause." The headline should have read, "Convicted felon and child abuser deported." Where are Marian Wright Edelman, Hillary, Rosie O'Donnell and the Children's Defense Fund when you need them?

While some are hailing Elvira Arellano as a modern-day Rosa Parks, she should be looked at as a child abuser of the worst kind. Neglect and abandonment of any child should be looked at as a crime. Quite to the contrary with Ms. Arellano. Using and exploiting an innocent child to further her agenda are her stock-in-trade. And worse yet, religious leaders are encouraging her to do so.

When Ms. Arellano was arrested and deported to Tijuana, Mexico, she was given the option to take her American-born son with her. She elected to leave him behind. What mother in her right mind would leave her child behind? One that is encouraged by those in our country who could care less about the rule of law or the enforcement thereof. No one separated this woman from her son but herself. Saul was reunited briefly with his mother in Tijuana but will soon be shipped off to Chicago to live with relatives while his "saintly" mother fights the good fight of conning a nation into accepting illegal immigrants, people who so desperately want to live here they violate the law. Great life lesson for Saul.

The Rev. Walter Coleman and other "religious" leaders are applauding Arellano's "courageous act." One spoke about how she was a great witness to the world of how a Christian should live. Might I remind the good reverend and the others of Romans 13:1, where believers are commanded to "be subject to the governing authorities." This woman cannot repeatedly break the law, be found guilty and then just ignore the sentence. She, under law, was to be deported. She used a fake I.D. and someone else's Social Security number. She was arrested in 2002 after living in America illegally for five years. She got her day in court.

I could go into the details of why this woman should not be in the country, but I won't waste your time. She was here illegally, broke the law and was removed. Just like if a bank robber robbed a bank and was caught, he or she would go to jail. It would make no difference if the bank robber was trying to provide a better life for his or her family. You break the law; you pay the price. We are a nation of laws. That is unless you have a Mexican surname – 12 to 20 million illegals prove my point.

I know from my mail Americans are getting very tired of hearing the same nonsense coming from the open-border crowd: "INS and ICE are destroying families." No, they are not. Illegals like Ms. Arellano are destroying families by the open and shameful exploitation of innocent young children like 8-year-old Saul Arellano. He couldn't care less about how his mother wishes to challenge the system. He just wants to be with his mom, evidenced by his visit to his deported mother. He is free to live with her wherever they so choose. It is Arellano who is abandoning her son. Where is the Children's Defense Fund to hold Ms. Arellano accountable for the abandonment and exploitation of a minor child? They are Johnny on the spot to protect a woman's right to stop a baby from living in it's mother's womb. Why not protect Saul? He is viable in their minds, isn't he?

It appears the open-borders folks have no problem using a child to get what they want. They should be ashamed of their actions and should be condemned in the strongest terms possible for their reprehensible abuse of this child to advance their agenda. I guess the ends justify the means in a lawbreaker's mind. Exploit a kid to change the law … kill an unborn to advance science. Have we lost our humanity completely?

Make no mistake about the fact that the media has a new darling in Arellano. It was Hillary with the "It takes a village" garbage. Then Cindy Sheehan was parading all over the country exploiting the death of her son. Now it is Arellano. The question is what damage will be done in the process. Hillary wants your money and the ability to control your life. Cindy wants your safety, for there is never anything worth fighting for. Arellano wants your country. Ask yourself, who is more dangerous?

Will we remain a nation of laws or a nation that throws the law out the window when we have someone or some circumstance pull on the right heartstrings? Will we allow the authorities to enforce the laws, or will we continue to restrict the police, Border Patrol and ICE from doing their jobs? How many more lawbreakers will have to be embraced before we take the issue seriously? Illegal immigrant crime is increasing daily. The religious leaders are silent on these issues.

In a statement from her new digs in Tijuana, Arellano made the following statement. "If my deportation served to unite people, to prompt them to rise up, to bring together religious and community leaders to fight for legalization, that's what's important." Well, I've got news for Ms. Arellano. Her illegal activities, along with the abandonment and exploitation of her son, are uniting the people all right. It is just not the group of people she thought her actions would activate. We the American people who want our borders secure and want the laws enforced are more united than ever.

Arellano's own statement condemns her to the squalor she is now enjoying in Tijuana. For if she had come to this country legally and gone through the process legally to become a citizen, she would now be living and working in the great city of Chicago with her son. Instead, she chose to break the law and do so repeatedly. She then attempted to use her son to pull on the good nature of the American people to give her a pass. Guess what? It didn't work. And it shouldn't work. Ms. Arellano is a criminal and should be treated as such. I applaud ICE for having the backbone to enforce the law and deport as the law prescribes. Now the Children's Defense Fund should move to protect the child from this criminal. But don't hold your breath.

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